Eat all you can!

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What's a blog post without tempting all my readers with awesome great food photos? I hope you be drooling, so go prepare a plate to catch your saliva before you continue.

So weeks ago, 5th November.. not that long, I went out with my fellow Human Link mates (Jasmine, Meng Hong, Jia Wei, Dickson, Wei Yang) for lunch together with our supervisor, Ms Ong. Actually wanted to go Scape there for a simple sushi buffet for lunch but Ms Ong had an awesome idea of bringing us to somewhere else. A better place.

Yes! Momiji- A Japanese buffet restaurant. So you must be wondering why there right? Bet if you go there yourself you can see it is quite big and the atomosphere is different. Unlike some other cheaper resturant, you only sit near the sushi belt and pick your choices, Momiji allows you to walk around and choose your own food! They will give you a clip if you want to eat those that requires more time for the chefs to prepare. Awesome right? Sound so atas.

When I first came inside, I don't know what to take. I followed Jasmine and explored the place. I know I kept spam the Chawanmushi, because it is damn nice! Only that I dislike the fact they throw corns in. I was never been a fan of corns. 

I think I took around 3 to 4 cups of it? Or maybe more! :$

They have the Japanese curry there as well! Basic ebi and others too!

Oh yeah and TAKO YAKI!

Typical sushi~ 

More sushi! 

That chicken on a stick too! I've no idea what's that called.

I swear I ate till I dropped. Jasmine was the first to give up I think. She only ate a little and said she couldn't make it but I kept going like a fatass pig. Buffet for me is totally worth it! ;) Meng Hong can totally roll back home to Malaysia because he had become a fat round ball, hahaha! Wei Yang ate a lot of seafood, skinny guy who knows he can eat so much. 

Well, then I got quite full but I was still aiming for my Chawanmushi- never give up on that! Oh, and also their sashimi. I died at that heavenly thing! It was A awesome~

But lastly, who can miss the desserts?!




Lastly, I LOVE THIS! I don't even need to tell you what is this right? Hahaha!

I think it was quite worth it. Each student pay $25 only and we can eat all we want, isn't it great? But it's for lunch- I'm unsure about dinner. For $25, I think I ate more than that. I ate seafood and sashimi like free flow please!

So if you wanna see for yourself, you can go there and explore!

Kitchener Road, 
Metro City Square Mall, 
Singapore 208539

You don't know until you been there! See you soon!

Oh yeah, since I couldn't get any more photos that day cause I was too concentrated on the food, I shall end off with a photo taken at my work place!

Bye lovelies~ 

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