Lazy ass post

by - 1:24 AM

Hey guys, I'm such a lazy ass blogger but don't worry- I'm back here again! 22nd Oct... which is like a month back, omg I'm updating on photos a month back, but it's okay, it's food spam so it's totally worth. It's also PEPPER LUNCH! Yeah! So I went out to AMK with XT sis, Brendon and MX and after that we went to play LAN after that at Chambers in AMK.

I always have Pepper Lunch for dinner, what an irony.






I don't know which food belongs to who, that's how LONG it has been.. Or at least blame it on my absent-minded brain.

Oh yeah! XT came to visit us at NYP cause three of us are in NYP and loner XT is in RP. Take that bitch! Then I managed to get Brendon and XT to eat Loklok with me! My love for Loklok is like love-hate relationship. I love Loklok but I hate how it made me have sore throat though... Le sigh.



Okay bye! I'm so lazy that I'm ending here because Brendon is next to me and asking me to get the fuck out of here.

OKAY LA, NEXT POST WILL BE LONGER OKAY? I LOVE YOU ALL BUT I DAMN TIRED UH. Work hard, study hard and party too hard. LOL!

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