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So the starting of November I've been partying with my friends and I must say, a change of lifestyle really doesn't change your personality. You are still who you are, just that you live your life a bit differently from before. Night life is great- I always stay up late at home anyways, would it be better to spend with friends instead? I know it is not healthy, but I'm not doing that regular basis anyway.

Yeah, I guess you guys know I'm already 18 (yes indeed, I feel so old *le sigh*) and around my birthday that month I went club for the first time, because I'm curious and just so nicely- Sherlyn my candyheart called me to go Zouk with her. She has been working at Zouk ever since that time. I've only been to Club Shake and Zouk like once then I didn't go for months anymore because back then I was attached. Ha, bet most of you don't know! Maybe some know, because I was quite inactive here and there in my cyber social life. Well, say no more- I know you guys misses me, and I'm back here again! Hahaha!

Well, a month after my terrible breakup, I was asked to go Zirca by a friend, then I managed to pull my other friends along to go with me! Cheryl and Jeslyn came along, it was their first time clubbing. Funny was that not much people believed it was their first and they thought I was the first instead. But I'm not a clubber, so I don't look like one anyways, hahaha!

I met with Cheryl first because Jeslyn needed to rush from school. We went to Liang Court to have our dinner. The food there was awesome!

Mine! Baked Seafood Pasta~ My love~

Cheryl's Pasta! Look like Hokkien mee though.. But it's cheap!

The pizza we shared!

I find the portion of food kinda small but it is cheap so I can order a lot- thus, I don't really mind. I was starving when I was ordering but their food came quite fast.

Photo we took before finding Jeslyn!


Then after- we went to find Jeslyn outside Zirca. The queue is superrrrrr long. We got chopped and came back out to take photos outside.

Me, Cheryl, Jeslyn

Jeslyn, Me, Cheryl (I like this photo better, ha!)

Jeslyn and Me.. (I keep wanna type Momo instead of Jeslyn FML)

Cheryl and Jeslyn!

Then we went drinking with others and get to know more people. Oh yeah, it was Dee Kosh's birthday party that was why it was super crowded that night.

Dee Kosh on stage


Taken inside, with Cheryl~

Then Jeslyn needed to go to the washroom so we went there and waited for her. Camwhore time for me!

I think I need a haircut, my fringe seems a little too long. & it has been 3 weeks so it's longer than this!

Smile~ I like this photo! Actually the photo looked quite yellow so I've to shop it away, don't wanna great a photo because of the ugly lighting right!??!


Le wild duck face appeared! 

Then guess who I saw outside Zirca? Daron, bitch please! Told me he was going home halfway so that he can go play computer games. Whuuuuutttt!?

Daron acting cool

Second shot, still acting cool. I was like "can you smile or not!?"

Okay, finally. Hahahaha!

After club, we sit down somewhere near Liang Court before we took cab home. 

Cheryl and me after club I think.

New found friend, baby doll~ So used to call her this instead of her real name, haha awkward~ and apparently we were already friends in Facebook! She is a cosplayer as well! Hi fellow coser!

Okay~ I'm gonna end this post with a photo of me and Cheryl~ Le Shiny Knight and Princess. Hahaha I told her I will protect her in club so that her prince don't need to worry. So sweet of me!
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