Back to School!

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Noticing that recently I've been just partying and working all month? Yes, I kinda agreed to that statement. Thank god I'm still 18 and young or I might ended up dead already. 3 jobs plus 2 party days per week ain't no one gonna survive it as well as I did. Plus I was going through a pretty rough time too.

Few more days to the end of 2012 and honestly say, I've not been more glad that it finally ended. But this post wouldn't be a wrap up of 2012 for me but I just wanna share with you a little bit of things happening in my life.

So as I was saying, I've took three jobs, one was my every year uniform selling but this year because of my school I only worked for a few days only. Le sigh, there goes my money...

I went back school and found my little juniors, oh I missed them- all growing up, and I still looked at them as if they're all still secondary one. God knows why. It's no wonder my parents always thinks we are still young because in their eyes we are still the little kid they raise. Aww~ Sweet.

Before you continue, this post has a ton of unglam photos, so brace yourselves fellas!

I totally looked like an egg tart HAHAHA! Now who said I don't dare to blog with my bare face. #NO #MAKE #UP #NO #FILTER HAHAHAHAH!

Le me pulling my fringe up because I wanted to look like a nerd. 

Meh, I was only back to sell uniform, but every year I always pull the sane stunts. I would always take the sample clothes there to wear. EVERY. FUCKING. YEAR. Don't even ask me why.

It's especially when I left secondary school, I guess it makes me missed the uniform a lot. Poly have to always kill my brain cells in thinking what to wear.

But I was kinda sad because Punggol changed quite a lot. Right now, our new batch of students have to tuck in their uniform. One reason why I liked Punggol was because unlike other schools, we don't have to tuck in our uniform. I find tucking in of uniform at times would make it looked messy and it kinda suck.

Beside that, we have school socks now... Wtf? There goes ankle socks. I'm glad I graduated at the correct timing, hahahaha! But I know most other schools students used to 'jelly' our school uniform because it was tuck out. & now my school is not special anymore. *cries*

So I was so bored that I started taking the uniform to wear and I tried the 'tuck in version' of the uniform. Doesn't work for me. Hahaha! I looked like a nerd.

Nerd me! But Rachel and the rest keep saying my skirt is too short. Oh bothers, I'm so used to short skirts already.

Le me poses like a good student! 

But I kinda feel like this style is so 80s old school

Now this effect is nicer!

Okay, so I couldn't take it anymore so I went to switch over to the normal tuck out one. It looked so much better on me please!

Told you! OMG my hair so long already~ 

My hands looked kinda fake, always- I don't even know why!

Totally suits me better. But Rachel and co insisted I fold the skirt a bit too high already. I was like "dude, when I was at your age, I alter and fold my skirt until it was around this length" Hahaha, but maybe not this short, I guess? But right now I'm so used to short skirt so I can't really tell.. maybe I should dig my old school photos out!

Well, when back to school to work, have a little chat with few of the teachers there. I was quite amazed that few of them actually remembers me. But one always said, if the teachers can remember you means either you're too smart and a good student or you must be damn bad. Oh shucks.. I don't even wanna know.

Not only teachers but I took few photos with my juniors who were working there with me as well!

Cherlyn and I. She has a boyfriend already! Graduated, poly indeed changes people.  

Rachel and me! Still love her, so fun and loud. 

Marilyn! That's Cherlyn's younger sister, still studying!

Alright... I went to dig out some of my old photos.. I hope they burn your eyes. This post is fire burning bitch please!

HAHAHHAHAHAA!!! DAMN!! I like the last one though.. hehehehe.

Oh right, I shall end the post with some food 'cause I know you love food just like how I love food too.

Lazy photographer? No! My camera memory was full, that's why I've to take using instagram. 

If you wanna try, it is at Punggol located next to Sheng Siong. The coffee shop is called Fu Chan.



Till then.. XOXO

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