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Recently, I've been visiting this particular restaurant frequently. I guess it's because it's not only cheap but the location is easy accessible. I got introduced to this place by Brendon and it was indeed very nice.

This restaurant is called Saizeriya Italian Restaurant. It was founded 1967. The group has since expanded to over 800 restaurant branches in different parts of Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

I've been visiting to two outlets, Liang Court and City Square Mall. Both of them are located at purple line, good for me! City Square Mall because it's quite near for me, one MRT trip and as for Liang Court it was also because I went to club with my friends and I've this habit of eating before drinking. But it's not good because they said if you eat and drink, you'll get fat. REAL FAT. Le sigh.

I'm going to split the photos I took into different posts because I usually post in dates instead of clusters of food locations. This post shall all be on 26 Nov where I went to City Square Mall's Saizeriya Italian Restaurant with Brendon, XT and Donovan. That Donovan got attached and it has been awhile since I last saw him. Oh couples in love, they just disappear while all the singles hang out together. #togetheralone

These are the side dishes we ordered that day. I swear all their food are so cheap we ordered so much, it was so filling and I find it not expensive at all!

This is my favorite! I love the carrots and stew!


Only Brendon and I eat this but we can have all for ourselves, yes!!!

So that was only the side dishes, now for the main course for each of us!

XT's- I remembered thanks to the egg. She doesn't takes any egg nonsense so I think she threw it to either me or Brendon.. I totally forgot about it.

Brendon's- I swear their corns are damn nice! Personally I'm not a corn lover, in fact I hate corns (sorry!) but trust me when a corn hater here says the corns there are good, it is really good. 

Donovan's- Simple but yummy! 

Mine! - Brendon insisted that it looked like cat food. Darn you Brendon! Ended up he was the one eating all the meat, I just ate the pasta only.

Their special mushroom soup which is damn good and different from normal mushroom soup. XT always orders when we eat in.

& yes you're right, it was so cheap so we ordered not one, but two pizzas to share! We are pigs.


So if you're wondering where to grab these cheap and delicious foods, here's the address!

City Square Mall
Opening Hours: 11 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.

Oh yeah, side track- before I went to City Square Mall to find Brendon and co., I was in school... and guess what I have for lunch?


LOK LOK! Expected answer if you follow my Instagram. I'm always eating Lok lok in school and spam my Instagram with it. Follow me in Instagram @AngelusChan !

Alright, till next post..

Jasmine and I


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