Recapping 2012

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Every year we do up a new year resolution hoping we could manage them and make it work, some of it did, while others just failed miserably.

So I guess it's time to do some round up about my life in 2012 and how fucked up it had been. I can bravely say 2012 wasn't my best year, in fact, it was one hell of a year for me.

Click the link above to compare how much I've changed, I guess it was so weird, a year changes everything.

The first three pointers- I failed them.

1. I've been drinking more alcohol than water.

2. I did, I managed to hold onto it until the start of June, whereby late night suppers came in and unhealthy diet on alcohol escalated it.

3. I did pretty badly for Semester 1 due to some personal issues I was facing which was pretty tough for me because it was a whole new experience and I could say it wasn't a real nice one. As for Semester two, I was having TEP attachment in school and I was facing some emotional breakdowns again, and this time it affected my attachment. It involved people too, which was brought up to my work, causing me to be unable to fully separate work and personal issues apart.

Moving on, need I say more?

4. Savings? I spent all my savings in March when I was having my holidays before the start of my year two.

5. LESS emotional. I guess I did not. But then again, it was because I was too emotional, I let every little things in my life affected me too easily. I keep everything in my head, I still do now, but it was also because it caused me pretty much tons of mental breakdowns. Maybe that's why sometimes I just ignore most of my problems, though it isn't the best solution but I try my best to ignore it so hard that it wouldn't affect me as much as it does. At least when I pretend to be alright, I can convince others, hopefully myself, that everything was in place and everything was alright even though my world is crashing down.

6. I guess I did this halfway too. *laughs* I did care for the good, through this whole year, I've learnt to be more grateful for things in life although sometimes I let it slipped off my mind but it would come back and I appreciate all those that love and care for me. But as for the ignore the bad part, I guess those bad does and still affects me greatly. I've always been caring too much about how others think about me, and I hate it when people judge me, because I know I may be at least judgmental at times, but I won't be so fucked up to be a mean bitch. I really don't like how people view me for who I was as who I am right now, or because of just a simple mistake I made in the past.

Yes, I know I've said before, many times, the past will always find the way back to haunt you forever, and I'm not saying I want to run away from my past. I accept the mistakes I made and I'm not proud of them, but I've learnt my lessons through them and each taught me how to be a better person. So can we just skip the judging and move on?

I guess if I continue to write, it would be a darn damn long post, I should stop here.

Happy New Year 2013! :)

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