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So every start of the year, we always use this time to cook up excuses to actually implement something saying 'to fix our life' but so far, who really would go through the new year resolutions? I know there are discipline people who would manage to keep their goals reachable till the end of the year but there are people like... me. Constantly wanting to make a change but is always too lazy to do so. Hahaha!

Let's start! I've been thinking what are some resolutions I should set for myself while I was working because I was so bored.

  1. Take care of my health

  2. My body isn't as healthy as any normal 18 years old teenagers, I constantly fall sick and due to the bad weather changes, my body finds it harder to adapt to the changes, resulting me falling sick super easily. Let's say people usually fall in a few times a year, other times mostly people they want to skip school or work, that's why they went to take MC to cover, but as for me, I'm constantly sick. Be it the illness work up in weeks' time or monthly, that's why my MC rate is super high.

    I guess if possible, I would cut down the intake of any beer or alcohol because I know I seldom drink water, and my mom always told me to drink more plain water if I ever take alcohol- which I didn't listen much to her. Oh my bad. I'm not an alcoholic, I only drink on two occasions: My birthday and not on my birthday. Hahaha! Just kidding!

    Yup, I guess adding drinking more plain water in should be the same as last year. Right now, I'm terribly sick too and I've to go to work and school. You must be wondering how do I deal with this. Just think, if I keep taking MC, then I might as well don't work and quit school instead. My absentee rate is so high that no one can beat me, it's like I set a whole new record of high score or something.

    Hmm, I guess eating more vegetables and sleep more would help. I've always been good, most of the time I stay away from fast food unless I don't have a choice or there are no other food or my friends all gang up on me and want to eat fast food. I don't like fast food too, I know I'm weird. Pizza is okay, but like burgers and all that.. Not saying I don't like them, but I don't fancy them too much either. They always make me fat, look fat and sound fat. Does that even makes sense?

    Sleep? What's that? It's because I'm taking two jobs.. wait, lemme put it down in an equation for you...

    Two jobs + school + social life + night life + cyber life = totally no sleep

    I split night life and social life up because to me, both of them are totally different thing. Social life can be chilling in Starbucks or window shopping with girls, and night life... is just night life. Haha!


  3. Gratitude

    Need I say no more? I've blog about this before and that it's good to constantly show gratitude towards everything and everybody, that way you would appreciate and cherish everything more!

    If you haven't read that post yet, click here!

    So, I'm gonna be more appreciative to everyone in my life, even though I know the possibilities of people entering and leaving our lives are high.

    I know I'm super grateful to everybody whenever I get drunk. I would either apologize nonstop or telling everyone I like them and they're nice and etc. I'm weird, don't judge me!

    In fact I did this gratitude post catered to my close friends before! Here!
  4. Fund control

    I know I'm such a shopaholic, but unlike most other girls, I spend all my hard earned money on food and more food. Everyone said I'm getting real fat, oh dear.

    So this year, since I'm taking two jobs, I'm going to cut down the expenses, hopefully, and save as much as possible.

    I don't ask for much but if I can save $500, I'm quite happy already because I don't earn much even though I take two jobs. Plus I have to pay my own bills and such, so it's harder for me to actually save any because most of the pay goes into my daily expenses like meals and travels.
  5. Teen dramas

    I don't know why, few of my friends like to call me 'drama queen' but that was when I was young, I like to exaggerate situation and make a wooha out of nothing. But it was kinda fun and dramatic when we were young. When we get older, we face more stressful things in life, I rather cut down on drama and enjoy the peace and chill with loved ones. Dramas are for teenagers, we are all growing up. Being dramatic is part of everyone's life but it is just a passing stage.

    I know there are still many people out there who are still doing teen dramas even though we are like already 19? So my resolution is NOT being dramatic, but STAY OUT of teen dramas. I know when there are dramas, people will pull as many people in as possible that's why it's way better to stay out of trouble like this.
  6. Start thinking for myself; take more control of my life
    Yes, I've been thinking about this lately. My friend, dewi, pointed out to me that she noticed that I really care how people think about me and it's not good. She said I should live for myself, and that I shouldn't always care about what and how people think and say about me.

    You should stop living up to others' expectations because even if you try your best to reach it, they wouldn't appreciate it anyway.

    This is really how I feel all the time when I try to please everybody all the time.

    Usually for me, whenever my friends are happy- I'll be happy. But when I failed to make them happy or a plan fails or whatsoever and they get grumpy or upset, it just tears me because I just want everyone to be happy, that simple only and even the simplest thing I can't even do it right.


    That's why, it has been a habit of mine- I don't know if it's a good habit or a bad one, but I should totally cut down on it because people can never be satisfied and they want more, so if you please them the first time, the next time they would turn their expectations up and it gets real harder each time.

    I should actually live for myself too, but sometimes I care too much about how people think. E.g. If I really like a dress and I ask my friends does it suits me and if they said no, no matter how much I like it- I wouldn't buy it. Instead, if they point out something that they think it would suit me but when I purchase it and try it at home I don't like it or don't think it suits me, I'll just leave it bury somewhere in the closet. That's the real problem.

    So I'm gonna live my life~ Oh Justin Bieber~ *ahem*
  7. Education
    I guess it's really simple here, get my GPA up. Because of my personal and relationship problem in 2012, my grades has been greatly affected so this time I'm going to pull it up.
  8. Time managment
    I was really improving until I slacked and become a tardy queen again. This is really a hardcore issue to solve.
  9. My Blog
    When I was in secondary school I did blog too, but usually I post about those gossip about who was with who in class and all that which was quite closely related to school and the only readers are towards my own school people.

    It was only when I started to experience more things after I left secondary that I began to blog things that caters more to the majorities.

    Like few times I blog and complained about my workplace,here! Or another time when I met this crazy fella, here!

    & right now I've become a lifestyle blogger! (Although I don't have much life besides work and more work)

    For this year, I wanna focus on my blogging too and have more updates because I know you people are out there reading and I really appreciate you guys for taking your time to read although I know some people just scroll through.
  10. Stay happy and positive
    I'm such a negative thinker sometimes, especially when I'm alone. If you follow my Twitter you can see at times I spammed a lot of emo quotes.

    My friend: Dude, you need to be more positive!
    Me: Dude, I'm super positive...
    My friend: Since when?!
    Me: I'm super positive that I'm a super negative thinker.

    There you have it! Hahaha! But I don't always have negative thoughts, it's only when I'm alone and I think a lot or when I get upset or mood swing. Usually I'm quite a cheerful girl.
  11. Be less emotional
    Just like last year, but I think even though I'm emotional, I've learn to control it and usually I keep it all in and doesn't show much. I'm trying to be more logical thinking as well.

    It's not what I didn't feel, it's what I didn't show.
  12. IMG_1318

  13. Curb my temper
    My temper was better last time, but maybe because I've to put through a lot of nonsense in 2012 and I don't think most of them I deserved it, so my temper has became quite bad and it's harder for me to tolerant nonsensical people and their craps. Also because I've inherited someone's bad temper while I was hanging out too much with that person, I shall not name who but I guess that person would know if he ever reads my blog, haha! 
So that's about it! Wow, I think I made a little too much for me to handle, but I hope I can at least complete few of them though. 

Usually when you hang out with certain group or people, you tend to get their bad habits and even when they're gone, the bad habit stays with you. I've tried to go back to the old me, but I guess when people said you can never go back time, it's true. So if I cannot go back to the old me, why not create a new me that I love and adore?

Alright, I know this post is super wordy and if you manage to read until here, I thank you for the efforts made! XOXO


P/S Oh ya, if you have any questions can drop them in my 'ASK ME' section which is also my formspring

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