Bad Luck Angelus strikes again!

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(It may or may not be a wordy post to you.... okay, it's wordy)

Did I ever mention that I'm always super bad luck? Now let's not say the law of attraction already. I know that some of you may say it's because I'm always sad and emo on Twitter or whatever but this time- I swear- I did not think of anything negative. In fact I was completely opposite! I was full of confident, and I feel like I could pass the test.

What am I talking about? Yeah I'm talking about my BTT a.k.a Basic Theory Test. It's the first test you have to take to obtain a license to drive in Singapore.

I spent my whole yesterday night not sleep but study my way through the night just because I was afraid I would fail.

So I went over to CDC this evening to get my test done with. However I didn't bring my I/C along. I knew it was damn important to bring the receipt because it's like a statement/evidence you paid for this test and you're the person taking the test.

So I did brought the receipt there but I realized, before heading out, that I didn't bring my I/C. You may think, "Angelus, so why didn't you take it because you knew you didn't bring it out?"

Lemme tell you, I only remember because I knew I left it back home, in my another house that I'm not currently staying in. So I asked my friend if it was alright if I used my Ez-card to get passed. He said it should be fine. Thus I went out with my ez-card and my student pass.

So I went for the E-trial which they allowed me to take by showing them my I/C. So I managed to pass the E-trial and I headed down to take the actual test.

Disclaimer: I know it's my fault that I didn't bring my I/C but I was pissed not because of the I/C.

My friend and I were greeted by a rude Malay lady. My friend took out his ez-card which the lady shoot him, asking him to show her I/C instead. He was puzzled and asked why student ez-card was unable to use. That lady just say shortly, "I/C or passport only." No explanation made. It was fine, he took out his I/C and showed it to her. But because he just flashed his ez-card from his wallet as he placed it in a transparent holder. He received a very cunt reply from that lady asking him to take his I/C out of the wallet with raising voice as well. He was quite pissed off.

So when it was my turn, I kinda knew trouble was brewing. I just asked them, that Malay lady and a old Chinese man, if student identity card or student ez-card can be used to identify. Because my I/C number was printed on the receipt and all I were to do was confirm it was me using my ez-card. C'mon, it looked just like me in that student card and my name matches with the name in the receipt. Plus if they allowed me to enter for the E-trial- why couldn't they let me sit for the test?

So I was damn upset but instead of being all sad and cry over spill milk, I decided to be more logical.

I did.

I came up with a few solutions. But they simply won't bug. Heartless people.

Okay, so first I asked about replacing I/C with student pass or Ez-card which they reject.

So they said, "No I/C, no entry"

I was like fine, for THAT MOMENT, I wanted to cab back to my home with my I/C there to retrieve and cab back to just sit for the test. Because I was thinking it was a 50 minutes test and I know I could just finish in 10 to 15 minutes.

When I was having this heat conversation with them, it was 8:05 P.M. and my test would end at 8:50 P.M. Totally have time of the world to get my I/C and sit for the test, piece of cake.

But guess what?

They gave me a fucked up reply.

"Don't need rush la, unless you can get someone to give you now, don't bother."

They seems to have something to shoot back at me.

Then I was like, "So if I can get my I/C you will let me sit for the test right?"

The Chinese guy said "If you can get it then sit uh"

I was prepared to rush off to get a cab but that lady cut me by saying, "You do know once the test started we cannot let anyone come in anymore."

Then I was like, really b really? *check Kingley's YouTube videos references*

 photo tumblr_inline_mhb0ag6wdp1rrlv9c_zpsbb70a2b3.gif

Then I was like, okay.....

She went on saying, "so by 8:15 P.M. you cannot get your I/C then you cannot join the test."

Bitches please. I looked at the time, it was already 8:10 P.M. because they used 5 long minutes to drag my time telling me nonsense.

The Chinese guy continued, "If you can get your I/C by 8:15 P.M. by all means you can join."

Then I was already damn pissed off at their attitude and cunt replies. FYI, the speech above were nicely rephrased by me already because I couldn't remember word for word what they said and their replies were too wtf that if I try to record I would surely get so angry and rage at everything again.

All these while I was replying politely to them and they provided me with bad service. It was time consuming, stop beating around the bush- if it was impossible for me to sit for that test, you could just told me so with simple explanation without being all so rude about it.

Back to the situation, so I was quite fed up already but I kept my cool. I never been a person that would yell in public because I feel that it's quite a shameless act to do. I don't mind embarrassing people who pissed me off, but I would never embarrass myself just to embarrass them. Not worth it at all.

Yeah and so I give my first and only cunt reply, "So you're just saying I can never make it. It's frigging 8:10 P.M. already lo please eh."

Then I just do a *le flip hair* and walked out.

1. I was not angry at first because I blame myself for not bring my I/C.

2. I was angry because of those people being rude to me. Have you ever heard anything about customer services? Not asking you to go extra mile to help me but basic not being rude, is that so hard?

3. I talked politely. Unless you said I was being all demanding and hard on you, insisting I want to take that fucking test for whoever I care I must take it then you attitude me, it's fine. BUT I DID NOT. I don't deserve that shitty attitude of yours.

4. Even if you have a bad day, know what's the circle/hierarchy of attitude. There are two most important people you can never attitude. The ones that pay you and the one who has the ability to make you jobless. I'm talking about boss and customers. Boss gives us salary and feedback and complains from angry customers can make the boss fire you.

If you have a bad day, go home and scream at your children because they didn't get A for their test. Or scold your husband/wife for not earning enough income and make you have to go to work to hold the family together too. Or worse to worst, go and scream at your parents and hope lightning hit you.

5. In Chinese, there is this phrase called, 说风凉话 which means to sneer to make cynical remarks sarcastic talk. I feel like the craps there not needed.

Cut straight to the point whereby just state that I was unable to take the test because only I/C was acceptable for entry and *insert whatever reasons*. I'm not an unreasonable person, even till then I didn't even fed up and bite their heads off. Never did.

So I was damn upset and I what's app Jason telling him what happened. He called me to console me. Thanks! :') Then I have a sudden idea of changing the dateline of my test. Because my test was still ongoing, so I could just change the date, take it as if I was unable to attend and so I don't need to pay another $30 again.

So I went down to the main hall. I took private and the queue number for private was already closed. So I feel so helpless. But I saw this counter that was closed with a young Chinese woman sitting there. So I went over and asked, "Sorry can I inquire something?"

Took her awhile to process/agree/react and said yes.

So I asked her if it's possible to change the date for my private BTT test.

Then she replied, "We are now serving School only."

*insert you don't say j.peg"

Isn't it why I didn't took any queue and looked for a closed counter to inquire in the first place?

She was quite rude to a certain degree but this service I received was better than the previous one. I cannot compare anyway.

Why I said this one was better? Because although she stated that back then was not the hours they were able to serve me, because I'm a private taker, at least she provided me with a quick and brief solution.

"$6 change date online with iBanking"

Upon receiving the news I just quickly on laptop and tried to fix the mistake I made by not bringing my I/C.

But her explanation was too brief, she didn't told me the minimum top up is $8 and etc. But thank god I'm IT navvy and manged to solve anything I wasn't sure.

But sadly because of my absent-mindedness, I have to let $30 go to waste and pay $8 and have to wait till April to have my BTT taken again. But it's alright, because that period I think I will be having my holidays, I've more time to study and recap.

It's such a waste I wasted my sleep time to study and didn't use my knowledge at all.. yet. And I lost sleep because of it.

One last reason why I was super upset and was the MAIN reason. It's because my mom will literally kill me if she knew that I wasted $30 because of my carelessness. I'm famous for being an airhead, absent minded girl and back in Secondary school my nickname was blur sotong. So not cute at all please :(

 photo tumblr_m8ypreQINa1qfjilb_zps0af7b9d5.gif

Lastly, I've learnt that even with logical thinking and aim to search for solutions for problems doesn't help when people were being rude to you.

 photo tumblr_inline_mhdbwlbEex1rt4njw_zps865f51c0.gif 

P/S I would like to thank Jason for helping me with iBanking because I don't have an iBanking account and have to use his. Great help, really appreciate it! For that, I shall let you continue to call me sha sha de, because I admit I'm really a dumb dumb one. FML!

P/P/S I was so upset I skipped dinner and ate Mac instead. Then now I feel so depressed and FAT. But I'm glad I pour everything out here on my blog. Phew. Doesn't really solve anything but I'm more relieved already.


And... Hopefully my mom don't murder me for wasting $30. I've to work 5 extra more hours to earn that back. WHAT IZ DIS!

My mom will continue to haunt me with this for the rest of my life, which is why I was so upset. Condemn for life!!!! She will haunt me with this incident and constantly nag me about this and make me feel terrible and guilty till the day I died. OH DEAR WHY?!


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