I'll do my ABC's

by - 9:10 AM

Saw this from Avery Mackenzie's Facebook so since I'm waiting with my mask on, why not do this for fun sake!

I'll do my ABC's

(A)re you single: Yes
(B)est friends: Jeslyn Arse Momo, Brendon, XT sister
(C)rush: If you don't count celebrities, then no.
(D)rink: Shut up and pour me a glass of champagne already
(E)asiest person to talk to: My best friends?
(F)avourite songs: I'm a music junkie.. but I like English songs and old meaningful Chinese songs.
(G)reatest memory: Back with my loved ones living in harmony and having great times.
(H)ome town: New York Manhattan... I wish.  
(I)n loved with: Myself, food and Twitter
(J)ealous of: Pretty girls, Naomi Neo's new hair, and more pretty and rich girls.
(K)nown longest: Brendon
(L)ongest relationship: 3-4 months? 
(M)iddle name: Cornelia,  Cornelia Waldorf
(N)umber of siblings: 2
(O)ne wish: I wish to have many more countless wishes to make.
(P)erson last called: My second sister
(Q)uestion always asked: How are you? > Asked by people who don't know how to properly strike a conversation.
(R)eason to smile: Happy, and gratitude
(T)ime i woke up: 8 a.m.
(U)'re favourite colour: Blue... red, pink, white, black
(V)iolent moments: When I'm on angsty drunk or when playing L4D2- yelling curse words nonstop.
(W)orst habits: Laziness and procrastination 
(X)ray done - purpose: Check if my bone at my leg bend in or fractured not.
(Y)our last hug: Jeslyn Momo
(Z)odiac sign: Pisces

Okay, so it sums it up and I'm still as bored as hell... I bet I'll wake up late for school again. Standard one please.

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