I'm ze little kitty! :3

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Let me tell you one of the best night I ever have with my atas club clique! It was quite awhile ago because I have not been clubbing much. In fact, this happened last year, which is also... technically weeks ago only. What is this?! It was 8th of December 2012, so I say it was a month plus ago okay? Not much fun after school reopen and I've to handle my two jobs. I'm always having dreams that I am a superhero, saving all my friends that got captured by evil characters but I guess I'm also a superhero in real life too, I have so many things to handle, it's like I'm my own superhero. I need a superhero to save me too *sad face*

So I don't know why while I was rushing out, I've had an idea- I took my neko kitty fluffy ears band out to club.

Tada! I was a little kitty that night! Yes, with that fluffy necklace too!
Thanks love babydoll for wearing it for me!

My girls that night!
Babydoll and Cheryl

Cheryl was wearing damn sexy that night- man, control your drools!
Her bf is gonna kill me if he knows I took a sexy photo of her, haha!

Who can forget, my bear bear! Vin!

We were drinking at the bridge and we were kinda late- because missy here had to rush from work, sorry guys but I love you guys lots lots!

So besides the two bottles of Sky Vodka we bought, others around us gave us Johnnie Walker to drink as well. Martel too! Gosh, and I told my dear bear to gimme some Johnnie Walker but he drank it all up. Damn, my damn black label! :(

Kitty with Ming Chuen who came to take care of Xiu Zhen

A non-clubber came to take care of a girl, so sweet! Plus my friends kept asking if they were together or what- damn funny. No, they're just friends, good friends. Hahaha!

In da club!


Baby with her boy, Randy
Honestly it's quite artistic photo that I took while I was high but Randy's hair was flying. 

(From left) Jon, Kitty me, Cheryl and Vin!

It was so crowded that night please!

Another photo of baby and her boy. I think I took this photo while I was dancing at the podium! Awesome!

I looked like a little kid beside baby and Jon! *curls into a ball* 

Jon and I

Vin and Cheryl

Damn it was such an awesome night, but half of the time- Vin and Cheryl were gone and I was with baby they all. Xiu Zhen and MC couldn't find us but because I wanted to go to the wash room, Jon accompanied me and we found them at the bar. 

Then I lost baby when we came back and the podium was packed! Damn my podium! 'Cause that night we couldn't find any lockers we need to keep an eye out for our bags which we threw it on the table in the middle of the dancefloor somewhere I've no idea and we went up to the cage to dance. Then I was happily dancing for like more than 30mins then I looked over at the table and realized my bag was gone. I panicked, but luckily it was Jon who took care of baby's and my bag. Phew! The cage was fun too, but 'cause I pulled Xiu Zhen up and she was feeling a little awkward. 

Back at the bar I asked Xiu Zhen to take an #OOTD of me, and my stupid camera took with a retard flash.

I was like "Damn, I don't even need to Photoshop my face, it's not even there! HAHAHAHA!"

A better photo of me with Jon at the back.

Then the club ended, I was damn sad it ended because it was really a good party! I met two pretty ladies while dancing at the cage there.

After club photos outside!

Taken by the still drunk Vin

Taken by MC with a bad angle, but seriously I looked like a kitty here! But a stray kitten because I was sitting along the streets outside Zirca!

A photo of me without my kitty ears and necklace because it was too hot to have it wrap around my neck and drunk Vin took my kitty ears to play!
*Off kitty mode*

Seriously feel like a superhero, with kitty mode on and off. It's like 'Hey, people got your attention because of your kitty ears" then back to plain Jane. 

My friend was like saying, "Gosh, people must be staring at you in Zirca last night!"

Then I was like, "Bitch please, I can't even see a thing, Dora here high as fuck last night."

Okay- I was kidding, I didn't say that last line but I was like ha ha ha, damn I'm shy :$

Another shot of me!

Seriously, now that school is starting- I've lesser time to meet and party with my girls plus I promised myself to be a good girl and be a good kitty and work hard and study hard this year, so I can't screw it.

It feels so good when you have a good party but it's sad that the night was over.

My girls and me!

Till then, anticipate!


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