It's a wrap!

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Basically 2012 wasn't a good year for me, so it ended bad as well, resulting a bad start of 2013, but it's not going to bring me down because I've been down for a year, it's my time this year and I'm gonna do much better than before. If I'm able to pull through 2012 and got stronger, 2013- challenge accepted!

So initially, Cheryl, Jeslyn and I wanted to celebrate countdown at *scape, so I went to settle the tickets there but it turned out that not only the tickets were selling out fast, but the tickets were too much, so the queue was super long and a lot of people wouldn't enter. We were quite pissed off because of the event management and decided to skip it instead.

Just nice I met Panda, one of our friends, there so we decided to all skip scape and went Flyer to drink instead. But sadly we spent the countdown in the MRT because we were travelling over to Marina and the roadblocks there were terrible. But still, we managed to catch the fireworks.


There goes our income tax, exploding up the night sky. Haha!



I love this shot the best! 

Reached Flyer!

It was windy when we reached, which was quite nice but it rained a bit so it's kinda sad. But we all knew it would rain because of the terrible weather we have been facing until this point.


So cute!

I've a few photos of myself but it looked horrible so I save the evil thoughts of burning your eyes, thank me! Hahaha!

But after that we left Flyer to elsewhere which turned out to be also, another bad idea, and the whole night was full of dramas. Totally used to it, but I'm so not looking forward to another series of dramas anymore.

That's a wrap for 2012! Goodbye!

P/S I shall post my countdown dinner in another post!

Till then, anticipate for it.


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