Yet another night life, Attica

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Many of you may have heard that recently I'm down. Down as in sick.. not on the floor kind of down.. or drunkard kind of down.. or sad. Maybe a little sad... because I'm sick. ):

So what am I down with?


Sorry guys, I know that joke was old.. but I still gotta cracked it because I love Ryan Higa THAT much. *less than three*

Anyways, today I shall be blogging about what happened last Friday! Last Friday I went out with my usual 'Atas Club' clique. That is what we called ourselves in our whatsapp group anyways, haha!

So actually that day Avalon had an event and we wanted to head down but we ended up going to Attica instead and I was so tired I just wanna sleep in the club. WTF?

So Jeslyn came my house and we joined the rest in CQ afterwards. Then she started taking my phone to camwhore as usual, haha!



Kinda like my hair here, kinda curly at the ends

Mirror pose
I swore Jeslyn wore this killer heels that day was indeed a killer. I tried it on and got instantly turned the fuck off. Now she looked like she's a head taller than me! Unfair!

That typical ah lian mirror pose

"Bend down, bend down!"
"Wtf Jes, why?"
"I don't know, just bend- we looked cuter!"

"Wtf Angelus?"
"Just pose like a model!"

"Eh eh eh, your turn ah Angelus!"
"Why me?!"
"Pose like a model!"
*attempted to pose like a model but fail terribly*
"HAHAHA You looked like XiaXue"
"Fuck you, I looked like a budget barbie" 

But weirdly, all the photos I took that night looked shitty. I guess it was because my mouth was full of ulcers and it was damn hard for me to smile properly. *cries*

Damn, I like this one!

Then we went out and go Mac to eat because Cheryl said she was hungry. 

And that's when the photo bomb continued...

Jon and Cheryl
Vin was like commenting, "Eh Jon, you drink Starbucks, later you drinking liquor, you sure run toilet!"
I was like, "bitch please! I did that like so many times, nothing would happen- just that you can't sleep in the morning after the party ends, that's all!"

(From left) Jeslyn, Jon, Cheryl, Vin and my face being drawn away because my expression was too fugly LOL

Then we went to toilet to camwhore again!

(From left) Babydoll, me and Jeslyn

We went out of the toilet, but we continue to camwhore!

"Eh wlao Jeslyn, you looked damn tall la!"
Jeslyn gave the bitch please I'm awesome look. HAHAHA!

"EHHH Babydoll, OOTD OOTD!" - That's me as usual.

And I don't even know...
"Bear, smile like a donuts!"

And the ugly up-nose angle taken by Jeslyn. You suck! But babydoll managed to pull it off super sexy... and Bear Vin was still smiling like a donuts!

Here a better photo of us. DAMN Why Cheryl and I look fucking funny here, same smile. HAHAHAHA!!

In Attica, took some photos but the rest cannot make it. I stood there, fold arms like a Noah Yap! For awhile only because I was too tired and I took out my phone to play. 

With Babydoll! Stupid fringe always getting in the way!

Lastly, a photo of Jeslyn and me! I looked terribly tired. *Yawn*

It ended off being a pretty bad night for me 'cause I got a panic attack by Jeslyn but in the end, everything was fine, so I guess it was okay but I was so tired I wanted to sleep. Maybe I wasn't high enough as well. But I made a friend there!

Alright guys, see you all in the next post!

Till then, anticipate and stay awesome!


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