Yummy food again!

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It's yet another food post! But I'm sure all of you are familiar with this particular restaurant. It's one of my mom's favorite restaurant too!

So I went to meet up with Brendon and XT for dinner before countdown. Sadly I didn't get to spend much time with them because I have to rush off to settle my tickets for scape which turned out to be horrible and that whole night my phone was ringing nonstop, pissing me off.

But overall, I have a wonderful dinner, because it was free! Hahahaha! Brendon paid for our meals because we decided to have a dinner treat every year! Actually it was supposed to be Christmas dinner but it dragged for quite awhile and became a dinner on New Year's eve instead. So I heard 2013 is my turn to treat my group?

XT was super funny, she said she is going to enjoy all the meals until it's her turn and she will argue with us just so she can skip her turn. Hilarious because it's not gonna happen. Too bad for you sis!

Oh, by now you must be wondering what did we have for New Year's eve? We went to Plaza Singapura and couldn't find a decent food place so I suggested to have Xin Wang instead.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Restaurant 
Plaza Singapura 
68 Orchard Road, 
Plaza Singapura #06-08/09/10
Singapore 238839

It's kinda my standard drink whenever I visit there!


We ended ordering Dim Sum as well, because I was still in a craze over Dim Sum. 

Sadly it's not as good as 126's but it was alright as well!

The chicken tasted great! But I was having difficulties eating it thanks to my horrible ulcers which got even worst now... Geez.

XT's favorite dish!

Then it's time for our main course!

XT's baked rice

Brendon's noodles

My dry noodles!

I realized I was quite blonde at that point, because I knew I have terrible ulcers already and I still ordered dry noodles. But I guess I thought it wouldn't be THAT dry, but when I received it, I realized it was super dry, and kinda regretted it. But I stole the soup from Brendon's so it was alright.

Here's my outfit of the day. Because it was raining the whole day and night, I dig out my long sleeve tee to wear. I love this tee but I am always too lazy to wear it and because usually the weather was super hot. It is still hot now but the weather changes faster than a girl's PMS.

I looked short in here, damn! 



Instagram because I'm a lazy photographer. LOL

Well, till then-

anticipate and..


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