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So Ah Boys to Men 2 was out just a week ago and I was already dying to watch it already. Wanted to attend the event but I was so tied down by my work and school. Sad girl is me. But I managed to catch the movie two days ago, Monday.

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Yeah! I don't wanna spoiler you the movie, so go watch it yourself! Overall I think it's a creative and funny, yet touching movie. I realized that no matter what kind of movie Jack Neo produced, there is always a message behind it.

Creative in the sense that no one has ever thought of the idea of filming an army movie based on Singapore's BTMC. Usually they don't let people take photos in there as well.

I've been to Tekong before and explored the different places there. Before going there I thought it was like some kind of jungle or what, based on those stories I've heard about how terrible the life there was. Sorry, I was kinda blonde... Hahaha! But as I went there, I don't think it was as bad. Maybe the training is indeed hard and tiring, but the place looked decent. I used to imagine some rundown areas or what. Seriously?

Creative new idea of opening audition to the public to pick the cast- reminds me of the first Harry Potter movie... Okay, maybe too far-stretched. I hope you see some of your friends there!

I meet Jia Yu for dinner and movie, budget girl me ate kopitam.


Surprisingly, I was early- I think mainly because before that I was at Orchard shopping with my sister and once I'm outside, I think the chances of me being late would decrease by a lot. 

Camwhore while waiting for JY to reach!

The movie was supposed to start at 9:10PM but because we have late dinner, we ended up going in late. BUT the movie haven't even start yet. Awesome! And I swear it was full house! Thank god clever god daddy of mine JY had booked the tickets beforehand online.

So who's your favourite character in ABTM? Weird that I wasn't really into the main lead Ken Chow (Joshua) in the second movie. I was more focus on him in the first.. But I think I like Lobang the best! Hahaha! I don't know, but I find him funny and full of ideas. 

But then again, I really like Tosh Zhang. Sergeant Alex Ong!!!!!!!! Hahahaha! I like the part where Lobang kicked Sergeant Ong real hard! Shit, I spoiler you! Omg! You didn't read this! Hahaha! But I like Noah Yap's lines when Sergeant... I think was Sergeant Heng??? (not too sure, forgot already FML) took his "wife".

Overall I think the movie is worth watching. Go watch if you're a Singaporean! Go watch if you're a NSF, maybe you can relate to it... or you can tell me how real or fake it is. Hahaha!

But the tearing of letter scene (not gonna write the details, don't worry) I overheard this bunch of guys seated next to me saying, "Aiya, they always do this one!" Really? I don't know.

Alright, those haven't watch yet will I think wtf post is this I don't even understand a single shit. So I shall stop here now!


So.... ABTM 2 is in theaters now. Catch it when you're free!

Till next time,

stay anticipated and xoxo!


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