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Where have I been?! I've cut down my social life, but I still find no time for myself- I don't even know why. The whole month of January I practically just slept my way through but I still feel so damn tired.

I think once I hit 19, I'm old. It's like my prime 18 was gone and since the start of 19- I become to age and grow old. It's called growing up before you hit 18. But when it's 19, it's called aging. Singapore have like serious aging population omg!

So last week I went out to meet Brendon and XT. It has been ages since I last saw them. I think I saw them last year! Hahaha for the Xmas/New Year meal.

XT is currently working at Bugis+ K suite so that day she took off and we went there to sing. XT wanted to be serve there since she said she has always been serving others. What a mindset, haha! If it's me I'll not visit the place I work when I take off. One day off from looking at my workplace. Spend a day away from work, maybe I will miss it more.

I was super late because I went to Far East to find Jason first to pass him his birthday cheesecake then I went over Bugis+ to sing! Did you know that they have computer there for you to use?! Maybe you can google for the songs you want to sing but don't know who is the singer or what's the title. Great move! They have plugs there for you to charge your phone as well!

So I went over and was served by XT's friend. Hahaha, then he said to XT, "Your friend very pretty." Hahaha I damn happy. Oh shy.

My make up for that day! Light and simple!

Brendon was nuts, went to select all One Direction's songs. Oh yeah side track, Chord Overstreet damn hot. I always find him quite hot, but his mouth.... But he's still hot. I don't care. Hahaha! I like it when he acted all Justin Bieber in Glee last time.

Then XT had an easy time trying to psycho us to order food from there, saying it was nice. Damn expensive, but we bought it anyway.


Then I feel my heart aches for money. So before we started eating, I went like- "EH SO EXPENSIVE MUST TAKE A PHOTO OF IT FIRST WHAT!"

Then I insisted Brendon to take a photo with me holding it. 

I'm like promoting it.

After that, we were kinda stuck because we didn't know what to eat for dinner. So we used the computer there to google what are the resturants in Bugis+ for us to eat. Yes, because we are that lazy to walk and all.

So we decided to give KungFu Paradise a try. It was my first time eating there, yes.


We ended up picking babe rice LOL!!

There are salads for all you healthy freaks out there. I actually wanted to order salad but XT threw me a dirty glare. FML!

I realized that everything I want to order salad, most of my friends die die also don't want to let me eat. Ask me to eat properly, have a decent full meal and all. But I always feel so fat after eating normal meals especially too late at night.


Their drinks!

So we ordered chicken drumsticks and spring rolls! Chinese people eat da spring rolls~





Sadly I don't really like the spring rolls. I find them too oily. The oil were leaking out and the fillings inside were not enough and tasty enough. I feel fat just after eating one of the spring rolls. Free oil is it? Haha! It was so unhealthy I think. Personally I wouldn't order it again. 

My mushroom babe rice

XT's hot dog babe rice
Brendon's seafood babe rice

XT's, Brendon ordered the same 

Mine because I already ordered mushroom baked rice so I don't want to be too mushy HAHAHA

Le me while waiting for my food to arrive!

This was my #OOTD! 
Taken by Brendon

Dress from Forever21
Bag from online
Cardi from online
Shoes from Bugis Street

I think the food there was alright, normal but it's worth the try. Only that I really don't like the spring rolls. How many times I said that already? That was the number of times I feel I was damn fat after eating that.


Till then, anticipate and XOXO

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