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It's been awhile! Wanted to blog something but I'm kinda stuck on writing a new blog post. Truly, it's not easy to be a blogger because I want to really write content that makes sense and something people can really relate to. Which explain my long entry previously, totally burn my brain juice. I hope you guys already read it, if not you can always click here~

So I've been busy with my TEP a.k.a attachment in school. We have different stopovers and previously I was working full shift at HumanLink, and right now I'm finishing up my stopover at ELDC, e-learning development center where we were group in threes and given client projects to handle. Mine was to create a MM show for the upcoming batch of students taking TEP, telling them information about the TEP stopovers and all that. It's quite a dry area to talk about and it's 11pm I really don't wanna go into details now, maybe in some other posts I guess?

This is just a short update and also wishing my two particular friends who their birthday just passed!

Happy birthday to Vin bear bear! Sorry I couldn't make it for your birthday celebration at Avalon so last minute.

Happy birthday to Joanne too! Last year your 19th birthday was great! Sorry this year I'm quite down with a lot of things I couldn't plan your birthday plus the rest have it all well-planned. And sorry I was late for your birthday, have to settle things back home. Why do I have so much problems on hands?


Recently there are a lot of downturns for me, but I must say it has been a bad year already, so I'm kinda used to all these bullshit I've been through. But that is no excuse for life to continue to fuck me up. Doesn't mean I'm used to being sad means I want to be sad. I want to be happy.

For every moment I was ever upset, and I eat a cake- I think I would have died from overweight and unhealthy lifestyle already.


Update again but this post is super dry, my brain is kinda dead right now, lacking of sleep.

Till then, 
see you xoxo

P/S I swear I haven't smile for a long while and I looked horrible in photos right now. FML

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