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Lovelies! I'm on holidays now, which means I'm unemployed. Anyone wanna hire me for two months job? I have been trying to find job... not really, but I did searched online but I couldn't find a job that accepts you for just two months. It's either long term part time or at least 3 months. Or you must have a year experience in that industry or diploma. Am I too picky or what? Actually I wanted to find a job in the HR field since I'm majoring in it and even though it's just two months, maybe it would just beautify my resume in some way or another, but why it's so hard to find a job!?

Oh wait, we are talking about Singapore. Yeah true it's hard to find a job here.


Anyways, this is another ranting post. Some of you may catch me posting or tweeting about me being confine and must be wondering, 'what is this confinement she's talking about?'.

Well basically my life is pretty much similar to army life right now, less those training and marching. My mom is my overall in charge and my sisters are my platoon sergeants. I have to stay in Bishan during weekdays and can only go back home at Seng Kang during the weekends. The reason behind all this is mainly because my mom stays at Bishan on weekdays to take care of my elder sister's baby boy and goes back Seng Kang during the weekends to clean the house there up. With me having confinement, it means that they took away my freedom, thus I have no house keys with me right now.

I can't possibly stay at Seng Kang without house keys because most of the time the house is empty unless my 2nd sister comes back home from work. So I gotta follow wherever my mom goes.

Which is one major thing I hate a lot. Because I work on weekends, and weekdays evenings, I barely have the time to pack my things, but I gotta find time to pack my things!!!

Friday night we go back to Seng Kang, but Friday night I will be working, so I gotta carry my field pack to work and then back home. Sunday night right after work, I gotta rush back home to pack to head over to Bishan to book in.

No freedom for a 19 years old, forget it. But it's damn troublesome for me anyway. Especially Fridays are my clubbing nights. Say goodbye to clubbing as well. Oh, it was also because of clubbing I got confine. Long story, I'll get to that later.

Recently, like just few days ago, I got terribly sick so I requested for leave and permission to stay at Seng Kang. Permission granted, got house keys but I didn't go out anywhere but kopitam square and back home again because I'm too sick to go anywhere else.

But it kinda pisses me off because my 2nd sister insisted that I wasn't sick and keep wanting me to go back to Bishan. I mean, yes, it's very nice to own the entire house to yourself, but I'm sick, just gimme a break c'mon!

Then my elder sister what's app me telling me don't go back Bishan, she trying to find ways to get rid of me from there. Honestly I don't mind, because last time before my holidays start, staying at Bishan wasn't that bad because my school is near and I can use the baby's cries as my alarm.

But now that it's holidays, I can't sleep in late because the baby's cries will surely wake me up, I find it harder to travel anywhere because peak hour get you nowhere in Bishan unless you have a car. The buses are fully packed like sardines and the MRT just keep stopping and it's fully packed as well. Plus points, I'm not a fan of red line as well.

I can't go out late because I need them to open the door for me at Bishan and I'm afraid to wake the baby up with the door bell.


Plus the thing about confinement is that I'm lock up at home. But I hate staying at home, with nothing to do. At Bishan, the nearest places to go slack is just Orchard, but who goes there during weekdays? Oh well, so I just waste my entire afternoon sitting at Starbucks day dreaming, or at home using phone or laptop.

Which too brings me to my next point. I've to travel around, which means my things have to go wherever I go. Like my laptop, laptop charger, iPhone charger, clothes and many other things. I need a damn luggage which my family did not provide. I've to carry in bags around and I hated it so badly. Feels like I'm a drag queen or something.

Once, I have to go back on my own from Bishan to Seng Kang, I tried to carry my things to the bus stop and when I finally got there, I gave up.

I've to take a bus to switch MRT home with all my belongings. The weigh is UNBEARABLE. Sorry I'm a chao guniang, but I'm afraid people would bang into me or rob me. I'm practically carrying my life along with me uh!!!

I gave up and hailed a taxi home. AND I PAID FOR MY OWN TAXI. My mom would ask me to take bus and mrt anyways so she will never pay for me the fare. INSTEAD, she will condemn me for life demanding me why did I took the fucking taxi, why I can't hold all those bags etc etc etc I don't really care.

I don't know when my life of traveling will come to a stop, I feel like a hobo or something. Okay la, I shall hereby called myself 峡女 (heroine, someone who travels around the world) and my 龙门客栈 (Dragon Inn, HAHAHA) will be these two houses. 

I still don't know how those travelers can do with a small pack... LIKE HOW ASH SURVIVED?! Did he like feed on his pikachu or something?! No wonder he has always been the same size, never grow up at all! Where he get the money for motels and to eat?!

Ash is like going around the world catching slaves because water pokemon help him to cross water, bird series help him to fly around. Free transport. Ask some other pokemon to steal fruits from trees and stuffs... WHUT?!

Damn, I'm talking nonsense again FML

& anyways, next post I'll tell you about my mishap.

I covered HOW is my confinement, next post will me sharing WHY I got confinement. I need a built-up anger for that post. HAHAHAHA!!

Now here's a photo of my pretty nails I did for Valentines Day.

I did bling bling blue for Xmas, red for CNY and five shades of pink for Valentines. What is this! Hahaha!


Till then, stay anticipated!


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