Xin Wang + Starbucks!

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Hey sexuals~ Hahaha! So before I start making you hungry with all the food photos, lemme wish all of you a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2013! YEAR OF SNAKE! Year where you can be sneaky while working, just kidding!

Day 1 I rot at home the whole fucking day, nothing much since I don't celebrate CNY anyway. "Angelus, are you even Chinese?! Why don't you celebrate it?" Damn, sorry I only celebrate Christmas. *ACT* But no, cause I don't do house visiting- no place to visit too, plus my sister will go her boyfriend's home and le foreveralone me shall stay home and rot to death.

So I guess I just stayed at home and watched HIMYM and rewatched Friends with Benefits. I swear at some particular scene, Justin Timberlake looked kinda like Davedays. Davedays is fucking cute and hot, I swear. *fan girl*

Alright- so 5 days back, I went to meet up with my dearest XT and Brendon again. Accompanied them as they studied for their exams. As I'm undergoing my attachment, I don't have to care about exams. Goody good for me! I rather work than to absorb the knowledge into my absent-minded and capacity full brain. It's killing my brain cells.

XT wanted to get me a planner but Typo didn't have it already. 3 days in a row I went town, WTF? Talking about cutting down on going out and having a social life. Ha!

So late lunch for me and XT, we wanted to go A.venue bistro to eat before ended up at Xin Wang @ Cine instead.

My yummy pasta!

Brendon: Big plate, so little food. What for?
Me: It's called atas. WUTLOL

It's so creamy!

Brendon's PORK LOL



So she asked the person how big is this cause the photo in the menu looked small but after getting the food, she was like, "damn so much how can I finish it?!"

Then after that we went over to 313 Starbucks where we sat there and chilled. It was raining heavily, making me want to sleep so badly. The day before, my mom snored the whole night and it was like clubbing because the time she snored was like 1 in the morning till 5 in the morning. My mom has after party too! Hahaha! Kidding, but I don't wanna wake her up, so mean to wake her up. What happens if she can't go back to sleep?!  Then morning I was like a dead panda zombie or something... but a cute panda zombie! HAHAHA! So thick skin of me.

As usual, my favorite- White Chocolate Mocha Frap! *loves*

Just nice Starbucks wifi was down so I have to resort to use my iPhone's hotspot when my phone left like 2%? Pathetic. But after it was fixed, I continued to use my hotspot anyways 'cause I find it faster. Thank you Starhub. So I YouTube music videos for that three whole hours as they studied. But c'mon, Brendon secretly went onto Tumblr and XT went full gaga over Candy Crush. I started playing because Jasmine kept asking me to play but I got stuck at level 33, help!

Alright, I shall cut off here. It's like 1 in the morning- time to have sex with my bed. Kidding. LOL! I cuddle my bed every chance I have because I keep changing home, Bishan to Seng Kang and to Bishan again. Tired as hell please!

Oh yeah.. my stupid classic pose whenever I have Starbucks. 


Till then,

stay anticipate and xoxo *hugs*

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