My Starbucks Diary!

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Hey guys! How has it been going? It has been a few busy week for me, I don't even remember what I was doing, but I can only say that I've Starbucks like, almost everyday! It's always the March holidays I spent all my fortune on Starbucks.

Two months is consider way too short for a term break I must say. TEP results are out and I can't even be bothered to check because I knew I kinda screwed it up at the last stopover because of my lateness. Sometimes people in your stopovers are way too awesome and they outshine you so badly that the little mistakes you do will get amplify and the good things you've done seems nothing at all.

Kinda sucks to have this heck care attitude in me but I honestly can't wait for my poly life to be over so that I can start working. I mean, sure I want to go oversea to study but I think I need a break from schooling as well. No point stopping school now just because I don't feel like it. I just need to adjust my mindset right first. Maybe I'm super cash tight right now and I spend money like free flow so I think working is way more important. Gotta learn to cut down on my spending I guess.

Back to Starbucks, I told you guess I've been drinking Starbucks nonstop right? Lemme recap for you.

5th March:

Visit my dentist- more on that in another post, then I was so bored and have nothing better to do so I went Ion's Starbucks to chill and also wait for Jason to end his work so that we could have dinner. 


My favorite White Chocolate Mocha Frap along with a book in another hand. Life's great when you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book.

Recently after my Leadership Camp- more on that on another post, I've been eating a lot of Pasta Mania, I have no idea why too. I used to hate it a lot, but seems like I'm fine with it already.



6th March:

Met up with Xiu Zhen bitch before going to work, chilling at Starbucks doing some catching up.

Is that White Chocolate Mocha Frap again?!

8th March:

Oh yeah that night I didn't have my coffee dose. But that whole week I've been eating supper nonstop at Kopitam Square if you guys did follow my Instagram. If you haven't follow, do follow! @AngelusChan

Me with my pretty girlfriend Hazel love @ Rebel!

Bad quality photo oh well, hopefully can take a better photo next time!

11th March:

I need help with my jailbreak problem and so I went NEX to meet with Brendon and he helped me with it! Awesome, thanks Brendon! xx

Hazelnut Frap! x

Yeah, don't ask me why I pinned my fringe up but I looked really like small kiddo there. Hahaha! But Brendon backcomb his hair anyway. Look as if he is in some boyband or what!

12 March:

I was still wondering why was I wearing my Samsung uniform on that day then I realized I was working on weekday that day. I'm a weirdo, hahaha. 

That day I went Starbucks again... hahaha! After my work Jason came to find me and we chilled at Suntec Starbucks. 

Oh ya sidetrack, I was on bipolar mood swing the whole month of March. Maybe it's because March is my birthday month? Kinda got so cranky and everything and everybody just irritates the hell shit of me.

Oh- never mind, back to photos!


The new Starbucks latte, not bad- go try it! The lady was super nice! Actually that day was my last day to collect my free drink but their system for the Starbucks card was off so they couldn't claim it for me. Anyways I thought it was only for an outlet but I realized it's the whole system, meaning to say the entire Singapore Starbucks outlets can't help me claim my free drinks. Actually was quite sad but the lady was nice enough to actually get my contact number and e-mail. She said she would key in the details back when the system is back alive.

She said, "Anything for my customer who loves Starbucks, especially to a Starbucks card holder." Super touched! This is called GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I love her! Hahaha! Yes, the suntec linkway outlet one. Super awesome!

Me! Jason you take bad photos sorry, haha, make my life so difficult photoshopping FML 

Anyways, that's all for this post! ALL MY STARBUCKS UPDATES! I think I have way more Starbucks, just that I didn't take photos. I'm really a Starbucks addict, need a rehab for this, seriously.

Next post shall be all my birthday updates!

Till then, keep anticipating and love you guys!


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