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My dears! So I covered how was my confinement like, it's time for me to share with you why I got confinement. It was quite a long story, and it happened on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. Talking about bad start of the new year, right?

So this is what really happened, before Chinese New Year I went drinking with a friend at Planet and lost my specs which I was quite upset already but oh well, who knew it would worsen?

2nd day of Chinese New Year I went visiting all my friends' house and I went Jeslyn's house for lunch. Met up with few secondary school friends here and there and we went over to my friend's friend house to gamble. Well, I didn't really gamble because I was complaining that I didn't have enough money and the money in my wallet back then was supposed to bank in because that was my pay, cash $150+. Then Jeslyn gambled for awhile and she passed me her money to let me play and bad luck Angelus here kept losing. But Jeslyn managed to win her amount back. Thank god.


Then halfway our promoter Bryan called me. Technically he was my promoter and he was a friend of Jeslyn. They are in the same school, TP. He said he wanted to visit Jeslyn's house so we gotta rushed back to her house because what's the point of him coming over if we were not there?

Then I wanted to head over to XT's house to play Mahjong but Bryan said he wanted to go Playhouse to drink. But we did managed to head over XT's to play Mahjong awhile which Jeslyn gave up because she didn't know how to play and we spent an hour teaching her. Hahaha!

After that I actually don't really want to head down to Playhouse because I told my mom I'll only be at XT's house to MJ. But Jeslyn said she wanted to go with him and I didn't want her to go alone so I said I would follow her to take care of her. My clubbing mood wasn't there at all too. But I still went to take care of her and also helped Bryan with his guest list target.

But it was a dramatic night and I won't bored you with that because there were tears and dramas... just full of nonsense I guess.  

Then around 430am when the club was ending, then because I was making a phone call outside Playhouse, I went in, wanting to grab Jeslyn and go but guess what?

I went up, put my bag at Bryan's promoter VIP table's sofa next to Jeslyn's bag, go grab her which was like 2 meters away from the table, turned around- my bag's gone.

Yes, my bag- wallet, money, house key, iTouch, Ang Pow money and other shit. I was devastated. It was barely three minutes.

It angered me because I went to the management but they just asked me to fill up some stupid form and refused to help me anymore because they were busy closing the club. I approached Bryan and he just said he was drunk and threw me and run at CQ. I have no ez card, no money and no nothing no everything. How was I supposed to go home?! Jeslyn run out of money as well because we cab over to CQ.

I was super pissed, called 999 and got my statement taken down but the police couldn't fetch us back home and I was damn pissed at everything and everybody.

IMG_6552 - Copy

IMG_6554 - Copy


But long story short, I managed to get back to Seng Kang thanks to Gary, a guy me and Jeslyn met in Playhouse that night who was nice enough to cab us back even though he stayed at West area whereas where's Bryan? Oh well.

Gary even treated us breakfast, which was nice of him and I was throwing a bitch fit everywhere I go, and insisting that I'll sue the person who stole my bag.

Can you imagine I lost my I/C, credit card, Starbucks card, Burberry wallet, $200, my makeup kit, iTouch and house key? 

It's like I lost everything in one night. And previously I already lost my specs so I was already damn upset already, added to this and being thrown at CQ.

I went back home and told my sister what happened and my mom was damn furious with me because of the house key. She insisted that people will break and enter because I lost my I/C along with the house key. I shall skip the drama in the family but my mom was angry that I keep going late night and lost all my things. But mostly angry because they have to change the house lock.

By the afternoon the management called me saying they found my bag in the male toilet, and asked me to go over to check. But I was unable to go because I don't have cash at hand, I cancel my card and I lost my ez card in the bag as well. But luckily I've got good friend please. Hahaha! Then I managed to head over to CQ and get my bag back but all my valuables are gone, expected.

I was super upset, especially my iPod Touch because I bought it with my first pay and it was the 2nd generation and I didn't password lock it. There were a lot of songs, photos and notes in there that I kept for myself. It might be useless to the person who stole it but it's all important to me. 

That dude listen up, if you still have my items- you better return it to me/police. I haven't drop the case and I'm not going to, there are CCTV in Playhouse, I went back in the afternoon that day of incident and the security had informed me where are the CCTV placed, so you better return, if not if the police finds you, you're dead.

Why confinement? Because my mom insisted that I keep going late night, lost all my valuables and brings danger and trouble to my family because they have to change the house locks. I got my house keys back anyway, but they confiscated it.

It has been... 3 weeks? Which to say I haven't been clubbing for 3 weeks, that's really quite a long while already.

Nvm, I shall spam now photos to calm my anger down. So pissed off.





Okay bye! My nephew keep wanting to play with my laptop, I need to post this before he bomb my blog post I spent a whole afternoon on it okay!

Till then,


P/S Dear all, only my bag was stolen, yes, Jeslyn's was perfectly fine. I put my bag next to hers but seems like the fucker likes my bag more. But her bag was black so maybe he was half drunk and couldn't see properly to take both? Or I'm fucking unlucky.

P/P/S I'm not blaming my lost items on Bryan or my best friend or anyone else. No one expect that this incident to happen. It was heartbreaking for me and I was just disappointed that he didn't stay to help but mia even after the incident happened. Yup, we did not speak afterwards no more.

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