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Hey guys! I know I haven't been posting much recently. School is about to reopen soon.. my saying more like gates of hell is gonna open and shits gonna get bricks.

Anyways, I'm regretting listening to Psy's new song... It's getting in my head and I can't stop replaying it. Someone please save me!!

Anyways, 24 Feb I went dental appointment with my mom and I realized it has been awhile since my last visit to my dentist. Going again this coming Monday, but I bet my dentist is gonna have a hard time cleaning my teeth because I've been drinking way too much caffeine, plus supper nonstop and shit just gets crazier. I hope he... no, I hope we both my dentist and I survive. I totally invest like more than 3k on my teeth by polishing, cleaning and whatever you name it. Gonna save up more money so that I can actually do some proper straightening on my teeth as well. If you're interested, you can drop a comment or something I can give you my dental clinic address! Money money keeps flowing out of my pocket and I don't even know how! It's like my pocket has holes, multiple giant holes!

Then after dentist, my mom and I headed over to Ion Orchard to have our lunch. Here are some photos taken!

I like the prawns, they are very chewy. I heard it's because they were soaked in soda water before cooking the dishes. Tender and nice! The vegetables are quite nice as well. Normally what do you expect when you eat those outside? Super cold and hard, isn't it? Well no. Theirs are soft, but not soft to the extend where there are no more nutrients, but not that hard either. It was delicious!


Besides it was fresh, I quite like the salty source. Hahaha!



Lu Gang Xiao Zhen by The Asian Kitchen
ION Orchard, Singapore 238801

Oh then my mom went home because she didn't want to go shopping with me, so I went alone to Bugis to shop for some dresses.

I really have a hard time finding dresses. I think that's because I'm too damn short. It's hard to find dresses that are suitable for me. I like dresses keep above my knee caps, but most dresses just fall right on my knee caps, or better still longer. It makes me looked as if like I'm wearing long dresses when those are normal ones.

Can you imagine if I wear a long dress? I bet it would be like wedding dress, drag across the streets and sweep the dirty floor. Why am I so damn short?! Why!?

I searched the entire Bugis and almost couldn't find the dresses I wanted to find. I was quite depressed actually, but thank god I found them! All in one shop! The length was just right, so I didn't think twice and bought the dresses from the shop and went home happy.

I like the left pink one, wore it to club twice I think.
Blue one I wore like thrice? Jeslyn said it was ugly but weirdly when I wear it, it turns out fine. I only bought  it cause it was cheap and I love the color! Blue!
Tank dress, just buy out of the blue, around 10~12 bucks I think? But only once by now.
Lastly my floral dress! Wore once out to Nex to drink coffee with Brendon. I think you might saw it in one of my post on Starbucks below!

Yup, those were my catch, but sadly after shopping, I have no idea why, I caught myself a fever and flu and down the drain I was, being and feeling sick as hell. But duh, I recovered within a week I think. Weak girl is me please.

Anyways, my OOTD!

Jacket from Bugis
Tank dress from Cotton On
Bag from F21
Shoes from Rubi
I'm a budget barbie, hahaha!

I went to visit my workplace and one of the girl was like asking me if I was going club. Tank dresses look like clubbing dress meh?

Well, till the next post...

Stay anticipated!

xoxo~ luv!

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