Dreamers love to Dream

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Hey pretties and handsomes! April's here! I can't believe that it's already going mid year soon. I can still remember the start of 2013 like it was just yesterday, and I totally can't believe my holidays are coming to an end soon! This is my last holidays before I end of my poly life and I didn't really enjoy much.

I mean sure I do drink a lot of Starbucks and party once in awhile, but I've been working. I promised myself to rewatch my Gossip Girl but I failed to do so. At least I'm catching up on HIMYM though.

Oh but this post isn't about all that. Actually I wanted to blog about my birthday since March was already over but Brendon haven't pass me my photos, they were all with him. Plus recently I've gone to a newly open club and there are a few people who asked me to review it.

So on 22nd March, I went to the newly opened club called 'Dream'. It opened on my birthday itself but I didn't went on that day since I went USS and was super tired plus everyone on my birthday kept asking me to Mink instead, but I turned them down.

So you might have heard of this club 'Dream' which was previously called 'Zirca' which shutted down and they built a new one. But the only thing is that they switched the entrance. Zirca's entrance is now Rebel and Rebel's now for Dream.

I went with Sin Yi because I wanted to see how it would look like and was actually expecting some new changes. I've heard people saying it has become more atas, more like Avalon and the music is more Mink. But honestly, I don't really like Avalon, I love the atas feel but music... Phuture. Totally.


It was crowded outside but when I went in, I was kinda disappointed at first. Why? Because I thought it would look different but no, it looked like the same old Zirca to me. I'm really fine with the old Zirca actually but I was expecting more I guess. I think I have too high expectation when the renovation only lasted just a while only.

One thing I'm sad about was that they took away the podium and cages from Zirca and replaced them with tables instead. And they threw one pathetic small podium in the middle. Smaller dance floor but people are still able to dance at the tables.

The music was alright I think. I went on the night by a female DJ, but turns out her spin was quite good actually. And she's damn pretty omg!

Nothing much, just changed of entrance and exits which I was kinda blur and unsure of where to go at first. The bar and lockers looked the same. 

Oh yeah, I wore my kitty ears to Dream!

With Sin Yi!

Ugh I swear my fringe is super irritating but seems like I wanted to cut it off badly but people tell me don't chop it off because it looked nice. Really? I think in photos I looked as if I've a darn fat face!

Oh and I met up with my clubbing clique there! Kinda we stopped clubbing together for awhile already but I saw them that night and took a photo with them!

A badly taken photo with Babydoll 

With Jun Ting! We were seated at the table near the bar, you can see the bar at the left top corner, haha and bbd's face.

Oh yeah, I met up with Glen as well. The first and last time I saw him was last year at Rebel when I was clubbing with Sherlyn and I totally forgot when it was it already but I didn't post that club night up because I haven't edit the photos! Hahaha, I'm super lazy please! That was so 2012 please! Maybe I'll edit and post soon! (as if..)

Now pardon for my fat face .___. 


He was pointing at my kitty ears and be like, 'Isn't that what Sherlyn wore that night too!?' I was like yeah I have one too. Hahaha! 

Sin Yi went home early at around 2 because she has work the next day and her friend got drunk in Dream so she went to send her home. I have work the next day too, but I kinda was too happily dancing until an hour passed and I didn't even know. Lost track of time.

A better photo with me and Sin Yi!

Yeah, that's my thoughts about club Dream, it was not bad actually but I like the old Zirca's podium. It is similar to Zirca anyway.. Oh! And they change the screen in front where the DJ is spinning!

I can't possibly say all out here so check them out yourself! If you need guest list, you can hit me up, just Facebook message me or Twitter mention me!

Okay, till then...

Stay anticipated!


xoxo Angelus

P/S It's just my point of view, that I think the changes was not a lot, but you can still enjoy a good time, depending on who you go club with I guess. But change is good once awhile so as sad as I am that there were no side podiums, I'm glad that it still opened as a club... but some fancy high end bar because broke kid here couldn't visit it that much, isn't it?

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