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It's me again! There are a few things I've learnt about people and relationships, but there are some that remain as a mystery to me. So today I'll be blogging about a few.

We accept the love we think we deserve.

You may or may not heard of this before, but I find this quote particularly accurate. No, it's super accurate. I understand the meaning right away and most of the time my friends would come and ask me about some relationship advices, the irony when I'm the single lady out there, and I did told them about this quote.

Sometimes I think that I don't deserve anybody, that's why I rather be foreveralone because of all my insecurities.

No matter how much the person love you, if you think you don't deserve him or her, you'll never accept them. Same goes another way, if you think you deserve someone way better than the current one, you'll leave and rather be alone than be with the wrong one.

So maybe this guy in your class, ultra smart and cute, likes you and your results are like terrible, sometimes you'll feel like you don't deserve the person because it seems like their future is brighter than yours and you're just dragging them down.

Too ugly to date attractive people, too pretty to date ugly people.

Mean as it sounds but it's true. Sometimes don't you find that you're stuck in the middle? It's like for example even if your crush likes you, I bet you must be thinking, "Is that a sick joke?", or, "that can't be real isn't it?"

Most of the time even though your crush likes you, you will probably not accept him/her because you feel like you don't deserve him/her. You'll feel ugly as you stand next to them as they look naturally super hot and cool. Other girls (guys) will look at you and give you the judgemental eyes. They be like, "Bitch please, look at your state- you wanna be with him (her)? Just fuck off already. I'm prettier (handsome) than you are."

Then your insecurities will start acting up and you'll feel paranoid all the time. This would, sadly, led to arguments for nothing. Disputes which led to distance and lastly, separation.

Or another case, it would be like you think that you're too handsome (pretty) and all the below average girls (guys) that like you cannot make it, then you die also won't accept them, isn't it? Then you just be like I deserve someone better, duh~


Love is hurt

Next, I think it's just me that I've notice it? And maybe some girls have this same mindset as me?

Have you ever notice that love is the reason why we get hurt so badly? And usually the ones that hurt us the most are actually the ones we love the most.

So in order not to get hurt, we don't love anybody- not a single soul. This way we don't hurt others and others can't hurt us. Don't seek for love then.

My dear Xiu Yun also told me about this back awhile ago when she became single, and that if there's love, someone bound to get hurt.

It's true.

It's because of love, you care and concern about the person, which often if the person takes you for granted, doesn't appreciate you and ignore you, you'll be disappointed and hurt.

Those people that we don't care and love, even when they hurt us, it wouldn't be that pain, isn't it?

Take for example, if a stranger walks up to you and say you're some ugly fatso and shit, you'll be sad, yes, but sooner later you will just forget about it because no fucks given to someone who's not even in your life and judge you.

But just imagine your best friend walks up to you and say you're some ugly piece of shit and not in the joking manner but really meant it and insult you, how would you feel? How would you feel if your parents constantly compare you to other kids and think badly of you? How would you feel if your partner constantly judges you?

Of course it would hurt more because you thought they would at least be the ones that could understand you and not judge you, but no, they did, and it fucking hurts.

And sometimes you did so much for them, but they don't appreciate it and it kinda sucks that people you really concerning about doesn't give a damn about you.



Do you know why memories hurt the most? Do you know why it hurts so much when you reminisce about the past? It's because they don't lie. Memories doesn't tell lies, and that's why they bring us pain each time we ever tried to think about it.

And usually the truth sucks big time because it's the cold hard truth and there's no sugar coated lies. Plain bitter.

Alright, I shall stop my wordy blog post now. If it makes sense to you, leave me comment! Love you guys!

Till then,
stay anticipated!

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