What's the worst thing someone can do on a first date?

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Hey guys! Today I'm gonna talk about something that I've received a lot from my ask.fm/AngelusChan and it's regarding dating.

Commonly asked questions are what do girls expect for first date, and what possible factor can ruin the first date.

I think different girls have different views on how they want their date to be like. Some would prefer movie and dinner while others want something more glamorous?

Personally, I think for me a simple date would do. No need fancy candle lit dinner or some dramatic flowers, bear and a heart shape balloon. Thou it would be awesome to receive something like that, but I think keeping it simple is great as well.

For me, as much as I love watching movies, but I think it's a turn off for a first date because since it's a first date, we prolly don't know each other much- and the whole purpose of a date is to talk to the person and get to know each other, isn't it?

So what happens if you watch a movie on first date? Both of you are not talking but facing the screen for 105 minutes. Yes, maybe you two can talk while having dinner afterwards, but I think you'd use the movie you guys watched previously as a conversation starter. So what if the movie just suck? And your first date will be talking about how shitty the movie was. Like I said, dates are created so that you can get to know each other better, so it's a chance to talk about yourself instead of something else. Unless both of you are like movie freaks, then that's okay I think.

That's why I rather sit down at Starbucks to chill and talk rather than going to some fancy place that you throw in so much money on just to impress a girl, but added up having additional burden on your sleeves.

So... Moving on to the next question I received.


"What's the worst thing someone can do on a first date?"

1. Personally I feel like it's a MAJOR TURN OFF when a guy doesn't plan the day well.

Don't understand me? Well, lemme break it down to you.

You clearly could tell a guy if he has spend his time planning for this date, or simply ask you out and leave things as it is. A date is when you're trying to impress a girl, to make her like you and let you to know more about her, since she already agreed to go out on a date with you, at least have the decency and respect to plan the date. What, you expect the girl to plan for you instead? Who do you think you are? Some kind of king of anything?

It's like when you meet up and you ask the girl, "Hey babe... so what do you want to do?" And if all else fails, 'cause usually girls would say 'anything's fine', they sit down under the void deck blast music and smoke. -_-

2. "Anything la!" guys

I really hate this type of guys. Unfortunately, we've tons of them in Singapore.What do I mean? Have you went out on a date with a guy and when you're hungry and wanted to eat...

Guy: What do you want to eat?
Girl: Anything, I'm just very hungry.
Guy: I anything also, you pick!
Girl: No seriously, you pick.
Guy: Anything, you happy I happy.
Girl: Mm, how about Thai food? Or would Chinese food be better?
Guy: I anything one, I all also can eat- you happy can already.
Girl: Or we eat Japanese?
Guy: Anything uh

Girl: Ok... you pick- xxx place or xxx restaurant?
Guy: Anything la, really really, you pick.


I mean yes, we girls are picky and you guys respect us that's why you let us make the decision. But honestly I really dislike guys who do that.

Maybe I like guys who take charge of things. HAHAHAHA! I don't mean this la!

Guy: You hungry? Let's go eat Pizza Hut because I said so.
Girl: I don't really like pizza...
Guy: I don't fucking care, I make the decision here.

I'm just saying I don't mind if the guy suggest a place for food and let us girls choose, or otherwise. But sometimes when you guys said 'anything lah' way too much, I feel like you guys ain't even interested in going out with us. It gives off a very anyhow feeling. Like you don't really care what we are going to eat, or do.

Be someone who takes charge, yet not bossy.

3. Budget Ken

I don't know why, but I feel like if you bring me to coffee shop to eat for a first date, you're a turn off. It's not as if I don't appreciate coffee shop food, but can you be more budget? 

But lemme get this clear, if the guy has planned to bring me to let's say... Chomp Chomp? Or some unknown coffee shop that has famous or delicious food, I honestly don't mind. At least you planned it out and using food to make me like you- good one because I love food! 

But I'm talking about those guys that want to date a girl out but unwilling to spend money. 

And if you say you're having some kind of financial problem, my reply to you would be: If you don't have the money, don't try to date a girl out. Don't even use your parents' money to date girls because your parents earn to feed you, not you and your girl.

4. Pay for meals

This doesn't really applies to all the girls, but I think for me, first date- you ought to pay for the meal because you asked me out. I only go on dutch if I'm going out with my boyfriend, if I ever have one, because I see my boy as potential hubby and if that's the case, why would I want to drain his money when it sooner or later will be mine anyway? HAHAHAHA!! But if you go on many dates with a guy already, I think it's up to individual if they still want the guys to pay or they want to go on dutch. Depending on the guys as well, some guys prefer to pay for the bill, kinda they think it's their duty or whatsoever. Yes there are such guys too, and there are guys who make girls pay for it and borrow money from the girl to take a bus home. 

Talking about equality, I'm sorry guys- not everyone has the same mindset uh, there are some girls who wouldn't fork a single cent out even when the girl ends up with the guy. 


5. Being overly clingy, sensitive or share way too much

Sharing way too much means in case of getting to know each other, you start telling him or her your family trees, how many kids you wish to have, their names and wants him/her to meet your parents. That freaks the hell out of people, like seriously. Or am I the only one who feels it's creepy?

6. Saying 'I love you'

Yes it's sweet, but these three words have strong meaning behind it and personally I find that if anyone could say that so easily to you on a first date, either that guy is desperate, cheap, or both. It scares the shit out of me as well, I would NEVER accept a guy like this. Another reason why is that he's taking it way too fast and serious. It's just the first date, you don't even know me, you don't even know my bad habits- what you want us to get married? What if I shock you by telling you I actually have a dick and you love me? HHAHAHA! Or that I'm actually a teen mom. SHOCKER!

7. Talking about your ex

Actually this one doesn't matter to me, I find it alright- it's okay to speak up 'bout previous relationships but don't go crying and getting all sensitive, kinda makes me feel like you're not even over her.

But I know some people will hate it, and there are some people who went too overboard talking about the ex, from the start of relationship to the honeymoon, to the sex, and to the arguments and break up. Save it, keep it short and sweet if one of you brings up this topic.

8. Speak, but never listen

This means that you don't listen to whatever your date is saying because you really don't care, but you just wanna keep talking about yourself. That means you ain't interested in her, you just wanna get in her pants, then run after. Or not.

I think that's about it- brain's dead. Sorry that I've not been posting a lot recently, I've been trying to adjust my fucked up body clock for school and I really really honestly dislike school. But I've this hot tutor, but he's recently married. WHUT?!  

Anyways, I really wanna share with you guys my recent cravings.

Recently I've been eating way too much pasta. Everywhere I go, I keep asking pasta mania, what's wrong with me!? 1st April I was working, then for lunch break I went to eat Pasta Mania -_- I think I'm a bit psychotic, so I think I'm damn rich, everyday eat all these food- even at work.




Okay, till next post...

stay anticipated!


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