Goodbye Brendon + Astons

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So I know I haven't been blogging about so I just wanna share a piece of information here! My BFF for like the longest I ever known is gone!!!! No la, he is not dead, he just goes oversea to U.S for a couple of months.

And usually my clique has only 3 persons excluding me, small I know, but still- now less one person!!! NO!!! My dear Brendon is having his fun at Florida while XT, Donovan and me are left out here stranded.

It's a horribly taken photo by a kind nice Chinese tourists. At first she didn't understand what we were talking her because we were talking all at once in English.

Anyways 5th May 2013 has been announced as the worst day ever so far other than 2012 being the worst year ever for me. I was sick and I've to drag my half-ass sick kitty self over to the super cold airport. I realized that bus 27 can be such a bitch, being so damn slow.

Yes, as usual I was the last person to reach, I was late around 1.5-2 hours and I was damn scared that I couldn't make it to send Brendon off. T_______T god bless I made it!

Then we went to eat Astons! 



I ate her pasta, it was so good!




Black pepper fish!


And my salad just to make sure I don't get too guilty for eating so much food!

"Eh, I think the angle a bit too high, I look like some xmm ah lian!!"

SAM_0626 SAM_0627

BYE Brendon! Hope you have fun there! Go date a white chick and I bet you are the smartest person there cause you're an Asian! And I hope you come back with an American accent! Miss you lots! 3 hours of flight to Hong Kong then 17 hours of flight to New York. O-M-G! New York! I love NY so much!!! I want to visit there so so much :( Le sigh. And prolly about 3 hours to Florida. 

Till the next post,

stay anticipate,



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