Nom nom Dim Sum!

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Hey fellas, it has been awhile!

I've been going out EVERYDAY, yes everyday, that I barely have time to update my humble space here, so today I'm just gonna be lazy on my tutorials and write a post!


So last month I ate a lot of good food, until I got so broke I don't think I can make it for this month- and yes, I gained weight too. So shut up people who insist that I shouldn't go on dieting cause you are not me... YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! *le sigh* Especially when I get so stress up over an issue or two, I would surely eat to destress. I used to club to destress but recently I haven't been clubbing- also due to my club incident, my mom has been extra strict with me, PLUS school's here and this is my last and final year, I don't really want to mess things up even though I feel like hitting the club once in awhile...

Which also made me realized that all of my friends are attached! Excluding my XT sister and my overseas Brendon. What in the world fuckery is this? All busy with school and dating, where's the time to meet little Angelus here!

Anyways, this post isn't a rant post, I'm just gonna share with you some food photos!

I went to eat Ding Tai Fung on 15th April with Jason and honest hour, that was my first time eating there. People has been talking about it and stuffs but I've never been there until that day. Oh so shy.


Don't need tell the date also written in the damn photo already, thanks uh. Hahahaha!


So I didn't eat anything the entire day, by then I was damn hungry I ordered way too much food for two persons to consume. Why must I always do that? Not the first time already, someone please ask me to wake up my idea. Hahaha!

Oh, so before that I actually paid a visit to my dentist at Orchard and slacking at Starbucks while waiting for the damn-oh-slow Jason to come and meet me. I swear I was happily waiting and chilling at Orchard Starbucks until my phone died on me. Seriously?! So fed up! 'Cause I was reading Ebook and I've to resort to go about planning my schedule for the month, which wasn't so bad. Until my plannings were over and my stomach began to call for help, so I slept. No really sleep, but rest until some dude approach me while I was trying to sleep asking me if I was alright or not. I guess I'm really different, because the guy sat down and chatted with me. I bet typical Singaporeans would just move and walk away or excuse themselves. Or maybe because I was so bored.

Planning in progress!

My new twitcon header! 

Then Jason finally came and found me, he thought that guy was my friend! Hahaha, that's why I'm damn friendly isn't it? I don't bite! Then we walked over to 313 and I was ranting nonstop that I was damn hungry and we couldn't find a better place to dine so we went DTF instead!

While waiting for food!


Look at the little tiny ones!

Behold the folds!

Close up!

Jason's fried rice- I think my mom's fried rice is still the still uh, sorry no sorry, homemade with love!~



My noodles!

Omg I love this, it's so yummy!~



Happy kid was me!


Anyways, side track- we went to Suntec to have desserts before he went flying off to Taiwan in March, so it was the day after my birthday.

I swear it's damn nice!!

I remembered burning my tongue -_-

So anyways, fat kid is still me- I shall end off this post with my face cause I'm that self crazily obsess. 



till then...

stay anticipate and...


Angelus ;) 

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