Slutcakes and slutpies everywhere

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I've been hearing too much about how people go around calling others sluts and I just don't get it. The way people perceive sluts to those people who dressly loosely.

Slut refers to a person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous, or also known as prostitute.

It doesn't mean those girls who dress loosely are consider as sluts, unless they dress loosely to try to hook up with guys or having the intention of flirting or have any sexual affairs with guys. In our days, many people have their own style of dressing. Some may go scene, others prefer sexy club style or the rest may like keeping it casual. No matter how we dress, it's our own choice- so long as we have the right intentions. Like, if the trend right now is all about bareback, then I supposed if your intention is only to follow the trend, it's alright. But if your intention is to seduce some guys, then it's bad.

Sluts are those people that have loose mindset about sex, or loose sexual morals. Not those girls who just want to try nice and sexy. 'Slut' has become a commonly used word of insult to all the girls. Guys used on girls, and girls used on other girls.

Take celebrities for examples, there are people that dislike them and started calling them sluts for no reason, I just simply don't get it. Take Miley Cyrus for example, people hate on her and called her a slut. Like c'mon, she has been with Liam Hemsworth for like 4 to 5 years? They have been together since September 2009 when Miley was 16 years old. And now she's like 20 and he's 23 and she is engaged with him. Isn't it sweet? Although recently they have postponed their wedding twice, but relationships always would face problems, least they are working this out together.

Just because you don't like her, you started calling her a slut, but she has only been sleeping with Liam only. Does that make her a slut? No. If sleeping with a man that you have intention of marrying makes you a slut, then is your mother a slut too?

Seeing people misused the word to insult and hurt others is not good.

Loose sexual morals in a sense of anyhow sleeping with guys- prolly have more reasons to call the person a slut than just because you dislike a person or how the person dresses.

Of course she's a celebrity, she dresses differently. What do you expect her to dress to go for an award show, your mom's PJ? 

Look at Taylor Momsen's sense of dressing

She dresses very sexy and has a rocker feel, but that's her. That's her sense of style. Some people who dislike her would say she's a slut just because she dresses so loosely.

But I just want to say that people should actually think before accusing others as sluts. Doesn't mean you dislike someone or someone dresses loosely are deem as sluts. It's how a person think and her perceptive towards any sexual activities, not looks not dressing.

But I know there are people who go around calling people sluts for fun. It's like seeing your girlfriends on the streets and you'll be like, "Hey slut! Long time no see!"

Well, if your tone is right and you always do that- your friends doesn't mind, then I guess it's alright. Like I'm pretty sure guys don't go around calling each other babes or handsomes, it freaks the other guys out thinking he might be gay. They be like hey yo dogs or something isn't it?

It's just my thoughts out of the blue. I've no idea I would actually write a post this long rambling about sluts and stuff. Weird me.

Hahaha, well- till the next post...

stay anticipated!


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