Birthday Celebration @ Purple Bar

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(Sorry for the boring title, I can't think of nice titles fml) Hey! It seems like as if I've died on social network with tight schedule of school work. But I managed to push some time out to have a little fun in this holiday, aka "break". This "break" is really nothing like break at all. There are so many work needed to complete, I was lucky enough to even have time for work and a little personal life. I didn't meet up with most of my friends at all, so busy like hell!

Anyways I went Timbre last Friday with Anthony to chill, which wasn't so bad. Only problem is that there isn't any air con, I almost died from the heat 'cause some people from other table keep having the fan to themselves. The performance was alright, but it started late, so we didn't watch it till the end.

Their pizza was alright! And my drink Long Island Ice Tea, really taste like ice lemon tea LOL

Then the next day after work, I rushed down to Purple Bar to celebrate Ji Zong's birthday. It has been awhile since I last met him or in fact any of his friends. I met Charlene there too! I didn't know she was Charmaine's sister until we exchanged Facebook. 

Charlene and I

My make up that night, quite light I guess

It wasn't much but Ji Zong the birthday boy got drunk. He's 23 years old already, still called birthday boy?

Didn't eat the cake cause cake = fattening HAHAHA!!

First time try taking photo with my camera's night mode, freaking lag 

The speed too slow already *le sigh*

But I kinda like the effect though.. gotta try to master it

Alright, happy birthday Zong and Jun Kai which I couldn't make it to Purple Bar the next day cause I was dead tired from two days of work and drinking non-stop three days straight. Actually I'm not tired from drinking, but working I think. HAHAHA!!


Alright, gotta go do my work already- I've not been doing my work at all! Brave young woman- that's me, still went to play Mahjong last night until 4 in the morning and lose money. *cries*

Till then,

stay anticipated!


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