Steamboat + Town- This is life!

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Sup everybody! It has been awhile, how you doing? So last month I met up with Pang Pang for steamboat, so it's photo spamming time! My life has been flooded with projects and projects piling up nonstop. Right now, I've 7 projects undone and 1 written test coming right up. I think I'm so dead. Please lord, gimme the strength to carry on.


It's been a long while since I took a photo. Look at my long hair! My mom keeps asking me to cut, I wanted to as well, but I couldn't bear. But my hair is dropping like mad!

Pang and me!

Pang Pang is interning at Starhub CS centre now, full shift. I wonder if I could cope with my own intern or not. It's not that I'm going to find it super challenging, but the only problem I was afraid of is whether I could wake up on time or be late everyday. I don't really want it to affect my grades though.


We went to House of Steamboat on 20th May, Monday and it was a-awesome, we eat till we were super full and I could barely walk! Such a pig, I know! Hahaha!

Long fringe sucks sometimes, I looked like some one-eyed pirate, oh god why. 


Smile~ Wtf my smile reminds me of someone LOL

Oh and it has been super long while since I went town. Home girl + School life is eating up my entire life. Oh man!

So finally on the last day of May I finally went out! Yay! I went to watch Fast and Furious 6 with Jason and his brothers and as usual, I was late. FML I missed the first part of the show, but hey, I managed to get the story plot quickly alright! But it was awkward having to walk in the cinema when everyone was already so focus on the show. I kept receiving death glares from Jason from being late. SORRY #FML

I swear the cars used in the making of FF6 are beautiful, damn you gotta see them get crashed and burned. 



I don't even know what's my problem, but I know if I take photo with Jeslyn (or any other pretty girls) I automatically look shitty in the photo. I look prettier if I take photos by myself #foreveralone sighs. Jeslyn is on the track of hipster now, chilling at town. Anyways we saw Shawn that night and he was cute. *dies* Jeslyn was so hipster, she was like I'm not giving a fuck but she was the one who pointed out Shawn. Hahaha! 

Then I went Dream after town. Dream with little Pang, sadly no photos taken, but whatever. It wasn't all that good night as well. Then I got sick and skipped work. La la la~

Right now I'm having my term break but it's just for show, I'm going back school everyday to complete my damn projects. Why oh why year 3 sucks like big time!


Alright, till the next time..

Stay anticipate and xoxo!

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