19th birthday? NO! I'm forever sweet 16!

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Hi guys, I realized I have been wanting to write an entry on my 19th birthday, but no matter what, I just keep forgetting or pushing it back. It's July now and my birthday was 3.5 months ago! Doesn't really seems too long I guess.

My school is a killer, 7 projects ongoing (thank god I submitted 1), and this coming Friday there's a CRM exams on 5-6 topics tested? I have not even touch on it at all! You know the feeling of having way too much shit to handle, so you're like fuck this, lie on the couch complain and take a nap? Yeah, that's totally what I am facing right now.

Woke up with the wrong side of bed this morning, with mosquito bites all over my body. I was like oh well, it's alright. Stood up a few times and felt the world spinning around me, oh it's fine. Then cooked instant noodles and scalded my two fingers. #badluckAngelus

Which totally spoiled my motivation to mug and study for my CRM exam this coming Friday. Thus, I am here blogging and ranting about how my fingers hurt. Le sigh.

I was so frustrated, I spammed on my Facebook wall, which was so unlikely of me to do that.

Oh I'm drifting away from my initial topic. But my point was actually wanting to praise myself for being so awesome as to able to Photoshop my photos for this entry despite my injured fingers. Yay!


So I was nice enough to have such awesome friends who planned for my birthday a month before. So thoughtful of you!

Guess where did they brought me to?


Okay, I was being a frog in the wall for not visiting USS even though it was opened many donkey years ago. But it was cool, I've got awesome friends that planned the trip, paid for my ticket and wrote me a beautiful handmade birthday card. You guys are awesome!

Unfortunately, we didn't managed to snap a lot of photos, plus the only capable photographer was Brendon who dragged taking photos of the birthday girl, so oh well. Hahaha!

I love this! So cute! I made my friends ride with me HAHAHA!! With all the other little kids!

Don't judge me, but I like this ride better than roller coaster rides. You know throughout the whole day my mind was filled with, "oh no, I'm too old for this." As correct to what I thought, the first crazy ride, in fact I totally forgot what was that about by now but at the end of the day I deem that as no kick, was scary cause the ride was moving fast that my bones were cracking one by one, and I thought my neck would snap. Of course I revive, if not how could you read this entry?

I enjoyed the transformers ride the most, it was da bomb, no wonder when Wong Fu Production visited USS here, they were so excited about it. It was really super awesome with the 3D screening, I almost thought I was inside the show as well! Sorry uh, but consider my first time riding, I think it's awesome. Probably you have visited USS a thousand and three times and that would mean nothing to you. But in the first place, why the hell did you visit it like every weekend or something? Hahahaha.


I just know I fucking hate the red/blue rides. Red one was alright, super fast but at least I keep my eyes opened throughout. I hate it because once I finished the red one, Brendon was so excited that he pulled the rest of us to the blue one as well. Hello! I thought we agreed to just take either one? I kept my eyes closed for the blue one throughout the entire ride. *nose bleed*

Besides the transformers ride, I do enjoy the mummy ride as well. I guess I'm the person who likes to watch something while on the ride. Plainly crazy rides just scare the shit out of me. Never like too crazy stuffs, but when I wanted to try, I would go all out... kinda. Hahahaha.

We were so scared Donovan would die in any rides cause he has asthma. But both of us agreed that the mummy was fun.

It was a whole new experience, it was fun and enjoyable and by the end of the day- I was so tired. XT was like 'this must be more tiring than sex'. I don't know, but I do know I was super tired. 


Then it was around evening time when we sat down to watch some performance and tried out the snacks there. I got an elmo pillow before we left the place for dinner.

We went down to Clarke Quay for dinner at Vivo American Pizza! Pao Pao met us there!

My food!


I don't remember who ate what, but I know mine. Standard, I always pick pasta above all. By then I was still a pretty good day spent but something bad happened, not gonna say it- mood spoiler.

Food spam!




I think the meat ball one belongs to either Paopao or XT, or did they order the same thing?




Pao pao was sweet to buy me a birthday cake! Thank you and thank you for the birthday chocolate too!

Typical birthday shot!

Then Donovan had to left early to find his girlfriend, then we slowly go back home after dinner!

Paopao and I

I swear I was dead tired due to the rides! Imagine what would happen if I were to go clubbing that night? I guess I'll be sleeping at the sofa instead of being at the dancefloor. Then the next day I've to meet Jason to celebrate my birthday as well before he flew to Taiwan. Hectic days~

I got home and saw my sister bought me a chewy junior too! Thanks sister!

Overall, I did enjoy myself that day although I was having a super bad mood. It's just me and birthday- things just doesn't go that perfect on my birthday and I don't really like it.

Still, I'm thankful that I have these bunch of friends, though we seldom meet but we always treat one another as best friends and it's awesome having you guys around. Thanks for the birthday plan and gifts, I really appreciate it! (though it's like 3.5 months already) 

Special thanks to: 

XT sis aka the birthday planner who planned a month before, set everything in place and tried her best not to screw any plans up.

Brendon aka the USS ticket in-charge and photographer

Donovan aka himself LOL

Paopao aka the sweet one who bought the cake and still made an effort to come down to meet the smelly us after our USS trip.


Till the next post,

stay anticipate!


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