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Hi guys! I feel super tired and stress right now. Two projects down and 5 more to go! One CRM exam down as well, I didn't manage to do that well I think, but at least I know I tried, though I'm quite disappointed. Weekend job has been taking up too much time and I guess I have to temporary stop for awhile. It's taking way too much time that I couldn't find any time to do up my rest of my parts of projects while everyone else are already done with theirs and impatiently waiting for mine.

Moved back to Bishan again, you could see my usual rants about how inconvenience it is. I was so upset today as I over-charged my new iPhone 4S and the battery is spoiled. What's the point of changing when it's gonna be spoilt again?

Anyways, today isn't about rant on daily life, but more on online transactions. If you're a blogshop seller or anyone that buy or sell things online, you would feel me. 

So, as many Singaporeans would know, there were this crazy trend of Hello Kitty McDonalds whereby you queued for 3 hours straight before the sales of Hello Kitty at any McDonalds outlets, buy the set meal and you could purchase a Hello Kitty for around SGD$4.60. So it was all fun and games until someone decided to step on the role of businessman, bought tons of Hello Kitty and resell them at a higher price to the consumers who were unable to make it in time to purchase the Hello Kitty.


As you can tell, I have one Hello Kitty as well! I collected a few others but I couldn't managed to obtain the Frog Prince Kitty. Oh sad, I really do like that one!

Hence, some people started this trend of reselling, (kinda makes me think of the reselling of masks to Singapore due to the bad haze awhile back but only that selling of masks is more cruel) and people have called them 'black market'. The last piece of Hello Kitty was the real madness. It was the black hello kitty, I have one too (pic next time!), it was so hot as I heard it was a limited edition piece.

Thus many people queued and waited for damn long. After purchasing, the price of the Singing Bone Hello Kitty aka the Black Kitty went up on eBay for like a million dollars?

 photo Hello-Kitty-Singing-Bone03.png
This is just one of them

I know right!! Totally crazy. 

Anyways I was part of this whole craze due to this friend of mine who was selling the Singing Bone Hello Kitty as well. I heard Facebook community sold the Hello Kitty up to the price of SGD$90 and above and I ain't kidding! It was all over my newsfeed!

Then since my friend was selling as well, I thought I would just help him. (Ha! I got $5 commission, but that's  not the point)

Back to the point of this rant after explaining to you guys...

So I posted on my social networking sites to help him and I received a few people who were interested.

But my point of raging is that I fucking hate MIA/last min back out/too much stuns people.

There is one person who contacted my friend saying he was interested to purchase at $90 for Singing Bone, and said to meet at City Hall at 6pm. However when we called him at 630PM, he said he was still in the middle of meeting and would called us when he was ready.

As expected, he did not called or texted back and went totally silent. We called him the next day and he cut off our calls, multiple times. 

First of all, if you're interested, you ought to be more proactive and contact the seller. I know you might forget or too busy- but if you're really interested, call us back when you saw the missed calls. We don't have time of the world to entertain you. Like I said, this is a business transaction.

People may say those people who are selling Hello Kitty are cruel and evil, but I guess if everyone thinks the same, no one would really buy from those selling at high prices. Afterall, it's a want, not a need.

However, if you realized those people who bought too many masks to resell during the Singapore Haze period are really the evil ones. C'mon, the haze was damn bad with PSI of 200 and above and it was so serious that we couldn't see our neighbourhood anymore!

People were coughing like mad and getting sick without the masks and those people who bought too much to resell were the mean ones as masks is a need, not a want. Life's important, spend to protect your health.

I really hate MIA buyers who confirmed with us the orders and we reserved for them- meaning to say, the next people who are really interested wanted to buy are unable to purchase, you piece of shit. You think you're actually doing good deed by trolling the sellers and make them unable to sell out all the kitties. But to them, who knows, Hello Kitty ain't important, they could just throw somewhere in their house if they couldn't sell it out. But to those Hello Kitty lovers who wanted to buy but unable to buy, it's mean.

I say, those resellers are mean to snatch from those Hello Kitty lovers at the McDonalds too, let's just be fair.

It's just a share of thoughts here. And this is an example of rude people I met online while doing the transactions. Or should I say there wasn't any transactions since those people are just plain waste of my time?

There's this particular person (which sadly, I deleted most of the text messages) who was interested in getting the Hello Kitty from me (from my friend).

However, he said he was in NS and unable to book out to meet up with me to complete the transaction. He insisted he really want it for $90. I told him I can't help him for he request me to reserve for him until 6th of July, which was two days ago and the trend have long died. Of course as business person, I would know well that it's not good to keep stock with me for too long. We must get rid of the stock ASAP, you know POA people- stock turnover *wink wink*

Then I said no can't do, so he said forget it. But then suddenly he texted me back saying he would pay me SGD$120 just to reserve till that date to ward off other buyers from me.

Then I said sure, why don't you transfer half of the amount as deposit to me first then I keep it with me.

He said he don't have Internet in his camp, fine.

Then he asked me to what's app him the photo of the kitty.

If he doesn't have Internet, how on Earth did he managed to what's app?

Oh well, you should see for yourself.

Then I know one of his mutual friend, so I said- why don't you ask him to meet me first and pay me- you could pay him later.  Then he come trying to say 'why you don't trust me?' Darling dear, this is a pure business transaction, plus I haven't met you before in real life, why should I trust you? I know it's a Customer-Relation service to trust the customers but no thanks.

Oh, and he said $120 on the Hello Kitty and if he doesn't buy the kitty- I could fame him all over Internet. I didn't make him to do such things but I just made the deal with him.

But as expected, he did not buy it from me and gave some excuses when I mentioned we made a deal. Technically speaking, I could actually fame him for that, but I'm not that mean. In addition, faming him would means he would become famous. What's the point again? But to vent my anger with the issue of e-business, I'm here to purely rant.





I have turned down quite a number of buyers due to this- yes I still managed to sell it to others, but I would use lesser time and efforts to get rid of those kitties for my friend. You're just wasting everyone's time basically. No apology but a 'ps'. It's not even in full-form Pai Seh. *double meaning: means sorry or embarrassed* Then I was still being reasonable logically with him and I got this type of cunt reply. What the fuck did I do?

Ain't nobody pay for my time and extra effort made due to all these unreasonable online fake shoppers, so to those people who aren't interested in purchasing any god damn shit from the Internet- stahp all your nonsenses and get off the Internet. The Internet has enough fucked up people like the haters already- we do not need more cunt people around.

However, those people who really can't buy but least tell me nicely- not saying I'm unreasonable, I would let it go. But business is business, it's just not good in the view of business to make loss or waste time or slow stock turnover.

Anyways- I shall end my post here. It's a wordy post- and next time I would blog in the perspective of a buyer, instead of a seller. Thus, you will see two sides of views. 

Also, those lovely people who bought Hello Kitty from me- thanks for helping my friend, he thanked you guys as well!

Till next post,

stay anticipated


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