I'm not dead yet!

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I'm so so so sorry for missing for so damn long! I promised to blog about the view of a buyer online but I just couldn't make time for it! Don't worry, I'll try to finish that- but July was a very busy month where all my submissions of projects due. I was so stressed up that I couldn't sleep for days!

So just last week itself, I hadn't slept for days! Friday night couldn't sleep as I was rushing for my Entrepreneur Day on Saturday. I spent the whole night writing out my speech and trying to memorise as much as I possibly could.

My group was the first to go in our class and it was damn nerve-wracking for me since I'm the first speaker; which to say I am not representing my group alone, but creating an impression for the panel of judges on our class and maybe the whole school? I don't know, but I was damn panicking that day. But it didn't went too well for me, I'll explain it all the next post. Shall not rant much about E Day here.

After presentation, I have to wait for my other classmates to finish presenting so that I could meet my project mates for another assignment. We completed a bit of the report but I have to left for work and I worked until night time. Then I went home after work to do up my report as well. Sunday came and the same thing happen, went to work- come home pack back to Bishan and did up my report.

Monday morning till 5pm, I spent my entire day in school trying to pay attention in lectures. Then I went back home to complete my project due the next day.

Tuesday came, presentation done and I have to went home to write my speech for Wednesday's presentation.

Wednesday's presentation was a killer because my group was the first group, again. And I have to go to school super early- no sleep for me again.

After all that, I have to go out with my classmates to celebrate the end of all projects and presentations for this semester. But I was so dead tired I swear I don't know how the hell did I dig my energy from, to last me the entire day till night.

And I thought I could finally get some rest but I woke up at 6 in the morning by the cries of my nephew.

Okay, enough of my rants- which was quite saddening.

Moving on to better mood of events, I went out to eat a couple times. Here are some photos of food!

I went to MFM @ Bishan on the 12 July with Jason, I think it was a Friday. We wanted to catch a movie but I was too tired and was afraid I would fall asleep in the theater, so we ended up not watching.







My drink!

I swear the food was such a huge plate, both Jason and I couldn't finish our food and have to pack away for dinner. No shit bro!

Then on the day before, 11 July- I went to TPY to find XT to have sushi buffet for dinner. I realized I couldn't eat much for dinner and sushi buffet for dinner is totally not worth it. I can eat steamboat and korean BBQ for dinner though. I'm weird.






It has been ages since I last met XT sister too cause we were way too busy to find time for each other. But it's alright- we might be meeting this week or next, during my study break, to eat sushi buffet again!

And if you have not been following me in @Instagram- do so now! @AngelusChan - bet you didn't know I chop off my hair! Now I've bangs and shorter hair. I'll write a review on the salon I went- which was pretty good I swear! Photos up next post, hopefully.

But now, I shall post some photos of my old hair!


Well, thanks to Yi Ling who did my hair up for me during our Entrepreneur tutorial. I kinda miss my long hair, but it's alright- hair will grow!

Time to go back to playing Shanghai Mahjong... I mean- studying... oops!

Shall end of the post with my photo as usual!


Till the next time!

stay anticipated!


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