JPOT Gathering

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Hey guys! It has been awhile, and I'm having my internship right now. 9 weeks, I don't think I can survive but I will try my best! My job scope isn't that great and challenging but I guess companies usually feel like interns do not need to get too tough assignments and they leave as soon as they get into the company.

Anyways since I start my first day of intern on Tuesday, I decided to spend my last meal of freedom with a few close friends!

I went to have coffee with Marcus on Sunday and he introduced me to a restaurant to try. His instagram is full of awesome food and puppies. *spam likes*


Recently I have been eating too much awesome and expensive food that once I enter internship, I feel like my choice of food are so limited at my workplace and the salary from my internship solely wasn't enough to cater to my atas stomach. Le sighs

Anyways, back to the steamboat gathering- it was so last minute. I booked the place in the morning and called a few friends over. JPOT has two outlets, one in Vivo and one in Tampines. We went to the outlet at Vivo cause I thought it would be easier for us, but guess all of us were all late except for XT sister.

Too long that we didn't meet up, we have to catch up with a lot of things! Dewi and Jeslyn's boyfriends are both in army already and XT's internship is getting real soon. Can't believe I have known Dewi for one whole year already and our clubbing days were quite awhile back already. Time really flew!

iPad for us to select the food and soup!

We ended up paying around $30-$40 per person so I guess it was still alright, and the best part of the steamboat was actually the sauce!

It was funny 'cause Jason ordered rib eye meat for all of us but Dewi, Jeslyn and XT were too happily eating that they didn't even know they were eating rib eye until we told them and they were like 'OMG 4 REAL?' Kekeke.


The sauce was good because you can actually add and create your own sauce to dip and it was awesome, Jeslyn and I were totally cray cray over it.



They have like different soups and we have 4 different soup base, which was great cause we ended up drinking one another's soup too.


girls camwhoring in the mrt

There were so much things to say, so I guess we didn't even have time to really catch up enough as well, but I guess we are all too busy with our own things right now.

I was so full I feel like I can just roll on the floor!



A photo with Jason

Alright, I will update more real soon, but till then...

Stay anticipated and

I still think I look better camwhoring and holding the camera myself. Hahaha!

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