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Somebody asked me a question in so I thought I should share here since I'm not finishing editing my photos yet. You can come and flood me questions as well. If you need advices, I be glad to help since I don't take my own good advices anyway.

If a guy of the following ask you to be his girlfriend, which would you choose? 1. Younger than you by 1-3 years 2. Older than you by 1-3 years 3. Adult man (25-35 years old) 4. Senior Citizen 5. As long as his mature, age doesn't matter. 6. Please elaborate.

1. If he's mature and we share the same thoughts- I don't mind. But most young boys tend to just want to have fun, don't want to settle down. I'll make more considerations. Young> Haven't gone thru NS, so I will be working and he will still be schooling>NS>Work. I'll be 26 when he's 23 just come out NS when I would have work 5 years (assume I don't go uni and start work at 21)Then starting a future together will be hard... Plus younger boys don't want to settle down, they are full of energy and want to play around. I'll be 30 and they be 27, still thinking they are young.

2. Older by 1-3 years should be fine (as long as mature and hardworking) I like a guy who is confident and know what he wants in life. Kinda have an aim rather than daydreaming about unrealistic dreams.

3. Ha I encountered this once. I rejected him cause he is same age as my sister. I feel it's a bit funny, thou he is his own boss. I feel that an older guy has more experience in life, if he really loves you then he will help you through life and guide you... But if he just want to toy around, or I don't know.. or motives? Then you will lose to him no matter what, since he's more 'experience' in romance/life and etc. Plus, he might have fuck way too many girls when he was younger and has higher expectation in sex HAHAHAHA

4. NO. Unless I become materialistic and old dying man is rich as hell and I do not need to have sex with him. LOL? Which also brings to a NO-NO.

5. That's kinda what I explained for No1 and No2. As long as he is mature, knows what he wants, character clicks with me and stuffs... then should be fine. I want someone to be in a relationship, not babysitting or looking after a younger brother. I think a girl in a r/s, her man has to make her feel like a woman.. (not related to sex), not as if she's taking care of him instead.

So I summarized for you, but if I am to really pick- older than me by a few years should be a wiser choice. I guess the max age I would go up to is 5 years? So... 24? HAHAHAHA It's hard to find a 30 years old able to chat same topic as you, he be like 'when I was your age...' STOP and if I date 13 y/o I be like 'When sister me was your age, I went to school like a good girl'. It's SO FUNNY HAHAHA!

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