Hatched with birthday boy!

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Don't you feel like sometimes time just move too fast and you're already growing up faster than what you expected? I feel this 2013 has been a year that went way too fast, and I still could remember 2012 as clear as crystal. 2012 is also a year I would give the award of 'Worst Year of My Life'.

I only remember 2013 as the year where I pause my clubbing life, lost my valuables, picking up my studies, going through exams and internship and being a home girl. 2013 is a safe year, I feel like although it seems like a boring year to even worth blogging about, but then again, time flew so fast I barely remember a shit.

Anyways, sidetrack from all these... Last Saturday I went to Holland Village to find Marcus. His birthday passed awhile ago and I booked him out to celebrate his 23rd birthday. Eh, he's 4 years older than me, now then I realized!

And yes, time went passed so quickly that I realized I know him for a year plus already! We used to meet up for coffee at Starbucks. Didn't realized that my Leadership Camp was so long ago already. I realized that the few friends I used to hang out with, ain't close anymore. We barely speak to each other besides simple greetings. But it's also a beauty of time, it's wonderful that how time can change us without us realizing it until we stop and think.

Anyways, we went to Hatched to have our brunch! Marcus has a serious lots of friends, I booked him weeks ago and my celebration with him was the 7th. Just imagine how many birthday treats he received... Hahaha!


Here are some photos taken on that day!

I swear the place was super crowded!

Marcus's brunch

My Sir Benedict Egg!

Awesome bacon awesome egg!

Cheese fries!

cute menu!


I'm beginning to like eating western brunch better now. Their egg benedict is good, but if there are any cafes in Singapore that are good as well, do tell me! Leave a comment before or tweet me at @AngelusChan and share with me any awesome cafes!

Alright gotta go!

See you next time!


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