Hectic weeks killing me

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I only I honestly need to blog more frequently but my internship has been taking so much of my time away. Basically right now, 5 days workweek as a intern... then during the weekends I worked part time. I barely have enough time to rest properly. But I guess life move faster this way. But it's not good at all. I did that two weeks ago and during the weekends, I went to work IT fair. That was something regretful because not only I was damn sick and tired, my team leader I was assigned to was totally unhappy with my behaviour.

I was doing this part time job a year ago until now, I was kinda called the senior. But due to school and attachment, I couldn't work almost everyday. Plus this isn't my full time job anyway, so I didn't invest much on this job, I focus more on my education. But I was still called senior, and I started around the same time as my team leader. However, since he's the team leader and he was working with the same team as his girlfriend as usual, I gave him my respect.

He started testing my knowledge when I first met him on the format of s note or something, can't really remember. But in my mind, I was actually thinking- which customer would really care what format is the s note? No one will ask you that, and those who are IT geeks customers should already did their research and know it before consulting us. I know it's great to know more, but you don't start a day off challenging knowledge. I know you're the leader around here, I get it, don't need to do that.

Plus I find it kinda hard to concentrate, with the sales not too good at our booth... competitors are really strong next door, throwing all the freebies and shit. Kinda feel a bit demoralized with the terrible sales, but I did tried my best anyway.

Anyway, for that I just smile and let it go. But I really dislike someone abusing their power. I was totally fine for the first day. But I don't know why on Sunday, he was really against me or something. I went out for a smoke break, he said I took too long- it's fine. I went to the toilet- he said I took way too long and was asking me where I went to in our whatsapp chat. I felt so restricted. The way to the toilet was packed. The toilet has damn long queue. I don't do teleportation, do I? By then I was quite upset with him, but I kept my cool.

He said I was chatting with another promoter in the same booth from another agency too much, but honestly there weren't any much customers.. and those that were there obviously don't want to buy. They just looked around, played some games with the tablets that's all.

I guess it wasn't that professional, but calling your girlfriend 'dear dear dear' in front of your customers when one of you were serving isn't professional as well, don't you think? If I am working in the same company as my boyfriend, I would request different booths or at least called him by his name just for that occasion. But since you both worked frequently together, I guess I shouldn't say much... plus you're the leader.

I was the first to report to work on Sunday, help the leader to set up everything and get the lunch boxes as well. During dinner time, they were busy serving customers and I just finished my transaction so I offered to help collecting those dinner boxes. Since the girl promoter from another agency needs to collect her food on her own, we went to the main booth to collect together. Plus, she asked me politely if I could help carry hers as she was afraid of dropping in the crowded hall, I agreed. We did not, I swear, we did not took a longer route to collect the food, the route was damn packed with people as it was happy sales hour.

We took 5 damn mins only to go and come back. Guess what? He whatsapp asking for our location and when we came back, he said we took too long and we were too much. I was damn fed up, upset and demoralized so I took forever just to serve one customer.

Plus I could serve two different customers at the same time. Doesn't that show the capabilities of able to handling difficult situations? Doesn't that shows I am able to multi-task without offending any of the customers?

I know the feeling of wanting more sales since he's the leader, should he feel more stress to perform better. But a leader not only wants to see results. One should be able to please his own teammates and increase their confidence in selling to up their sales performance. One should keep his teammates from having politics and be someone a teammate should want to work with and speak to. It's not easy to handle with both sales and the people under you, but if you can't make them happy, at least don't make them upset. Least you could do it not let them feel accused.

I feel like I was not appreciated. I could have not accepted the job since I can work in normal outlets and get basic pay as well. Or I could just stay home since I have my 'not too well paid' intern allowance anyway. I worked since my supervisor said they were lacking one person and I thought I could offer my help. But it seems to me like my help was not needed, they can handle the booth all by themselves and whatever I did was just slowing them down.

I worked for 5 days nonstop, and during the weekends I have to work 10-10 for IT fair. Honestly, can you handle working in this kind of condition? I even hyped myself up even though I was dead like zombie. And after the IT fair, I still need to continue my intern week.

I hope next time he gets a teammate worst than me. I know and met a couple of promoter friends that slack while working, went mia or use phone in front of customers. I can safely say, although I'm not the best, but I'm not the worst.

And lastly, you didn't save some pride for me when you criticize me to my supervisor during the feedback sessions when many senior promoters were there. But I still kept my cool and smile and nod. I'm telling you, if you have met anyone with bad attitude or a fuck care mindset, they would have attack you right back.


So I guess I have the rights to vent off my resentment here. In my personal blog. Although I don't mind working with you again, 'cause I know in life, you can't choose who you work with, you always meet things that make you unhappy or upset. And I've not attack you in any ways or make or attempt to make any personal attacks. I am quite an objective person. I just don't like how one handle the situation, that's all. Plus in small chats with the female promoter, I made a new friend yay, she was just telling me how she felt being treated during the whole few days with in the team and she felt awkward getting between the couple at work, that's why she was closer to me after she got to know me. I guess it seems valid reason, who wants to be a lightbulb anyway.

Oh whatever, I guess this was my story on how my week end. Too wordy.


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