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Hey ya! Drink my favourite Green Tea Latte and read my rant!


Have you ever have this intense and deep feeling for someone so much that you start to think how perfect that person could be? And you start building up the imagination of that person, how great he is, how big the love is, how dramatic it would be, and the efforts he would put to have this love with you... WAKE UP! You're not in love with him, you're in love with the thoughts of him. That's what you think, but he ain't that person and he ain't gonna be.

This love is so deceiving, and the more you get closer to the man you love; you start to realize he isn't that person you pictured him to be. But hey, nobody says they're gonna please you and live up to your high standard. And some love just last for that moment. So what if it was your first love and it was so precious? You mistook his smile as friendly, his touch as concern, his hug as caring and his kiss as loving. Maybe he's just a flirt, a heartbreaker, and a person who just doesn't give a fuck.

So wake up from the infatuation you have for him. Stop being in denial and learn to let go and cherish people around you who actually care.

Okay, now that you've read my rants, you can have another cup of coffee!


I can't believe I drank so much coffee during those days that I studied my exams month back. 

I'm really that into Starbucks!


And this is totally out of the blue, but I went to Bishan J8 to have my dinner with Jason awhile back at this fancy restaurant called Ambush. 



Alright, I know this post is a total random, but I just wanna blog about my rant so that I won't forget about it.

And that's why my BFF always told me to always be myself, especially when go dating with people. Hahaha, you don't want to build a perfect image then all your bad habits and flaws start to leak out isn't it? So I always just be myself... No I don't fart out of the blue in the public... I'm getting to random...

My blog is always here for me to rant. I might have lost a lot of readers since I couldn't post more photos and posts as much as before, but I'm still glad I'm able to express myself freely here. And to those who are still reading, thank you so much as well!

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Angelus signing out!


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