O-M-G She's alive?!

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Test test!!

Hey guys, sorry for going missing on this little space for months! I was quite busy with my life this year. 2013 has been a busy yet boring year for me. I was focusing on work, school and judging with many many things.

I promise to blog more in 2014 and won't mia on my blog anymore. But I bet most of my readers are gone, oh well. Actually this year, I didn't get much of drama or major things to announce. More of everyday routine chores and all.

Well, if I really have to name a few out...

For starter, you guys may or may not know I have been working part time for this particular company for a year plus now. So I am guessing they're having more manpower than before, so it was difficult for them to assign weekly job to all of us. Unfortunately for me, I was few of them that has random work schedule. That really costs my livelihood at stake. So I went to join another brand during the IT fair last month. It was fun working for new company and meeting new people. I was quite anti-social nowadays, but if you guys talk to me, I am sure friendly as hell!

I felt weird not wearing my usual work attire and working for them. That's why I guess work attire do make a difference. Or maybe 'cause the work attire has my favorite color on it. *Bias*

(Should totally blog more, I can sense that my English is slowly becoming more and more terrible. God save me!!)

Secondly, I finished my ATTACHMENT! I know school said I can't and shouldn't speak about my Internship Placement Program online, that's why you don't see me blog for months. It was my life back then, and I couldn't say anything at all. But fear not bitches, Angelus is back now! Did you miss me? Hahaha!

All I can say was the journey to my IPP company was tedious. My school told me they will assign suitable location that is near home for us. My address given to school was my actual house address (Seng Kang), and two of the classmates I know were assigned to CBD areas in town (Raffles). But one of them request for a change and went to Changi (I think). Though I was unsure of theirs, I was expecting similar location. But the location I received was a shocker. Like seriously.

The place was so ulu (deserted) that I guess most people would drive to work. But sadly I own neither a car nor license. But fortunately I went and camped at Bishan apartment during my IPP period. Bishan- it's located at the central, so it was easier for me to get to anywhere. If I stayed at Seng Kang, bet I be late every single fucking day. I must say, I was so blessed.

Once I dropped from MRT station, I have to walk two streets down, walk in the second street, and walk up a slope before reaching my company. Imagine me wearing formal on the first day? And try feeling the heat from the sun on you. Oh, and add to the sweaty back that sticks your shirt onto your back. And that achy-breaky feeling from your feet. Ya those.

Maybe that's why I've always wanted until after 6.20P.M before leaving the company. I guess I rather walked on the super ulu and dark street after sun down than face sweat and shit from the sun.

Google Map did said I would need to walk around 15 to 20 minutes from the MRT station to my location, but I managed to always reach within 7 to 12 minutes. (Maybe because I was running late) Thus I told one of my classmate (who has a habit of walking slowly and day dreaming) that I bet she will take around 30 minutes to reach my company. Obviously she wouldn't agree to do that, but I guess only those who walked down those streets will understand. *too much feel*

Enough of my rants, and let's move on!

I guess lastly, the most major thing that happened in 2013 was..... The number of times I went to club! I can count the number of times I went club this year with my fingers. I guess I was really damn busy and tied down with A LOT of things to have not went club.

I went Attica with my clubbing mates on January.
I went Playhouse and have a mental breakdown during February (CNY).
I went Dream one week after my March birthday. Oh ya, Dream share the same birthday as me! Yay!
I went Zouk once... I think it was for birthday? (Not mine obviously, if you have read my birthday post)
I went Play with my friend... I forgot which month.
I went Mink recently for Xmas.


I'm a home girl now. I've been staying home playing Maple and Pokemon X. Sorry but my love for Charizard is strong. Oh well, I'm going sleep now!

Oh ya... If you managed to read all the way till here, then I should at least be nice and put have some photos isn't it?






The soup was damn nice!



I know it has been awhile... That was in July, but I still want to share it with you guys!

It's located at Plaza Singapura, go try it!

Till then...


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