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Hey boys and girls~

It has been awhile! One paper down, two more papers to go next week and I haven't start on them yet! Oh boy oh boy!

Since CNY is coming, I bet all of you are rushing to get your prefect clothes, hair and nails done! Yeah so today I'm sharing with you where I usually get my hair cut from!


So before that, I was pretty annoyed with my long fringe and have to deal with it every single day. Then I decided to head down to J7 Image to get my hair chop off!

Well, I was quite an indecisive person. I didn't know should I get my hair chopped off or just grow it. That's why I usually don't make such decision and like to throw all these problems to the hairstylist. I always have this mindset that a hairstylist would know what to do with my hair. But obviously I would tell him what kind of hair I don't want, just in case.... Meh. 

You could say I'm someone who don't really care much about my hair. In secondary school, I chopped off my long hair until I graduated. My hair was so short that one of my boy classmates commented saying my hair was shorter than his hair. Aww~

Yeah, that was such manly of me. Much cool, such handsome. Wow!

So I went to town... still trying to think what kind of hair suits me best. As long as my hair is long, I'm alright with how the hairstylist play with my hair.


So basically, this is my review on J7 Image. 

You may heard of this salon, there are quite a number of bloggers that goes to J7 Image, like Chrysan Lee, Cynthia Kuang, Jessica and . Singer 郑可欣 also went to get her hair done there! 

J7 Image is located in town, so I think it's quite good cause once they are done with your hair, you can go out and meet your friends and show off your hair to your friends! HAHAHA!!

Well, prolly I'm someone that don't really take care of my hair, my hair has like countless of split ends and gets tangle easily. Try going through my hair, like those hair commercials, bet that it will stuck midway. In addition, my hair keeps falling out, I don't know why! Blame it on my sleeping and eating habits. Thank god that I have naturally thick hair or I be totally bald by now.

The man in charge of my hair was James. He did a scan on my scalp and told me the problems and how he was going to solve my hair falling problems. 

Hair after treatment

I mean, I can feel the change. My scalp feels... lighter? I don't really know how to explain but it just feel clean. Like when you lift a burden off your shoulder. Hahaha, dramatic saying but I don't know how to put it. 

Anyways, so I decided to bangs my fringe and cut shorter for my back hair. But I'm quite a picky customer. I was afraid that my bangs would look overly china and looked too straight. So I asked James to cut bangs that are straight but so that straight. WHUT? Such request. Much tedious.

SAM_0834 SAM_0833

This was how my hair looked after chopping off my hair. Still damn long, I know. Muahaha! I actually decided to maintain a length that allows me to grow long so if I wanted to curl my hair, it be easier. Cause right now I'm still schooling and I don't have time to really take care of my curls (if I get them). That's why I was contemplating if I should get curls or not.

So when James realized that I was thinking of trying curls in the future, he decided to go the extra miles- to try curling my hair with temporary curls. He did said that the effects of temporary curls and normal curls are different. And he explained to them digital curls and how hairstylist go about doing it.


So this was how my hair looked like with curls! I love curls~ So bouncy and pretty!

SAM_0851 SAM_0852
Camwhore time! Pardon the hair bits on my face! Hahaha!

Back view of my curled hair!

Look at the curls, they are so soft~
And take close look, my hair doesn't look frizzy at all!

I love my hair!

Oh ya, did I mention that the design of the salon interface was damn creative? Hahaha! At first I didn't notice, but the washing area was separated with the letter J! Lemme show you!

See the "J" behind me? That's the area where they wash your hair! They are professional, I've went salons that pull your hair while washing and it hurts like a bitch, but they are different. And they are very polite as well. Every time I head over to the washing area, they will always ask you to take care of the step to the area

Sorry, I have to camwhore again. HAHAHA!

Anyways, FYI if you're wondering- their products are organic without any chemicals and their products are from the brand called 'O'Right'. So all the treatments there are safe, you don't need to fear hair damage!

After all that, they did a scalp scanning to let me see the before and after effects. Such professional team!

Oh ya, I visited J7IMAGE last month and they did scalp treatment on me again. I bought their O'right Yogurt Hair Mask too! It's not oily but still perform its tricks to protect your hair! The J7 Image team are very friendly and you don't have to feel awkward or stone there for hours while they're performing magics on your hair. 

Visit them @ 
14 Scotts Road 
 #02-14 Far East Plaza (S)228213 

+65 67355195

Oh ya, I wanna share with you the awesome pretty nails I did last year! I love it! It's so beautiful.



Sestre' Beauty & Nails
Far East Plaza Level 5

I hope you guys are ready for CNY now!

Till the next time~


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