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Hey guys! How was your Chinese New Year?


My CNY was quite dull this year. I guess it's better than getting into trouble, right? I've had a pretty rough CNY 2013, click here to read!

Anyways, so I guess everyone has already watched #TheLionMen in theater by now. How was it?

(Cr: Shaw)

Basically, it's one of the 'Jack Neo tryna inspire' movies again. But this time round I feel like this movie was a little... not up to standard. I know that they must have thrown in a lot of investments on the CG, stunt men and other productions, but I feel like it's missing out something. Whatever I'm going to say here is just being objective, if you're some hardcore fans who can't take my opinion, I think you better don't read. Hahaha.

First, too much product placement. I CANNOT EVEN. Product placement should be subtle. It's like people will unknowingly link the product to the movie. But this is like shoving the products down my throat and I cannot take it.

I can still accept the fact Noah Yap gave his NETS card to that chick because he was trying to impress her. That was fine. But I really can't take it when they gotta make Chen Tian Wen, aka The Head of the Lion Men Team, give all the boys angbaos that have NETS card in them. Seriously? I lose it when I saw that and I muttered 'wtf' in the theater. #NO

OH YA. And the F&N drinks! It's everywhere! That beer too.

Maybe because I'm bias, I'm totally fine with the product placement of DTF. (Prolly since they make Wang Wei Liang pretend he was cooking)

Like I said, it's totally fine adding sponsors' products into the movie. Keep it notice but not too overboard.

But I still pity that they have to film at Tai Seng, where BreadTalk was located. My internship was near there, and I swear that place is just H.O.T. Smoking hot. It's good that they were filming at night, night time tend to be cooler. Oh well, since they wanna make it so B.I.G for their product placement.

Oh, I was there at the actual opening of Breadtalk. Happened to be there. Hahaha.

Second, who is the main and who is the costar again?

From the start of the movie, I noticed it was all about Tosh, Tosh, Tosh. But it was voiceover by Wei Liang. But for entire hour, it showed how Tosh chased that chick, brought that chick to their den (bad pun bad pun), tryna impress that chick and get expel because of that chick. The movie was all about Tosh. Only few parts of the movies featured Wei Liang. Prolly because during that time, Tosh was training or dating with that chick, ha.

So much fights between who is the main and who is the costar. Personally, I'm Wei Liang bias, I watched purely because I wanted to see Wei Liang (kekeke) and I know friends in the Lion Men production that I guess it's good to spot and support.

Third, Eva Cheng

I have nothing against her, in fact she's very pretty. But I don't understand the fact that Jteam had audition but they're not gonna pick a Singaporean chick to be the main actress. Is it because local girls can't make it? T.T *cries on behalf of all Sg ladies* HAHAHAHA!! But I guess from a business point of view, a SUPER pretty girl obviously attract all the young men to watch the show.

Like c'mon, how to attract young men to watch the Lion Men when it's filled with boys? Only fan girls age from 12 to 18 will watch this movie 3 times a week. *introduce Eva Cheng* all guys be like drooling and fighting over to watch.

I understand that for ABTM 1 & 2 do attract guys to watch as it relates to them. Men be like that was how I felt, and boys be like shit what did I signed up for. But it's harder to attract males to watch since it's about Liondance.

(Cr: Mothership)

Okay seriously my friend posted this photo of her in his Facebook and one of the comments was about her smile being creepy. What's seen cannot be unseen. I'm sorry Eva, but #help.

Last, so I heard there's a part 2.

I know I'm going to catch the part 2 (because of Wei Liang, kekeke), but seriously? I don't see a need to drag the movie for so long. Especially since it's about Liondance, keep it within the CNY period. The part 2 better be good and more exciting, and less chasing chicks. (and more Wei Liang)

I'd kill everyone if they have a PART 3. 


I'm not going to say it's all terrible. It was good, (also because Wei Liang was in it) Jack Neo really likes to add some local touch into his film which I guess makes Singaporeans appreciate about local culture better. I bet after this movie (these movies), Singaporeans will not look at liondance the same way again. As least for those who watched the movies la. Duh.

People will be more appreciative and watched the performances instead of getting pissed off at the loud drums and stuff. Or maybe they still don't care because it's not performed by those stars. But hey, lemme break it to you, most stunts are done by the professionals. The stars of Lion Men only did those that isn't that dangerous. Like c'mon, if they break a leg or die then how Jack Neo gonna get them to make another movie and earn money?! HAHAHAHA!!


(Cr: Google)

Is it just me, but I was actually waiting for more and got disappointed? It was just 1 KISS. OH WELL.

Anyway... Back to me. Apart from my bias for Wei Liang, which I totally bracket it up, I guess I was being damn honest about the review of this movie. What do you think?

Oh ya, talking about Wei Liang- I've had this moment whereby I really thought he could cook. I'm unsure if he knows how to cook in real life, but he was convincing in the movie. I want to eat XLB also!

LOVE IT! It was taken quite some time back already





Actually I think their beef noodles was normal only...

Oh ya, I was sick that day too.

That explains my failed face, as I was sick on that day. Hahaha!


Till next time!


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