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Hey guys! I'm finally back! My March was really hectic as hell. I was so busy that I couldn't even recall what have I been doing. But I do know I fall sick for a week plus. I know, weak.

Anyway, I've been thinking- I've been on hiatus from blogging for quite a long awhile, I should start to pick my momentum right and why not recap why am I even a blogger?

Lemme share with you a small part of my childhood- a part that not many people know, the dark side of childhood- hahaha who am I kidding, no la. When I was young, like in primary school, I used to owe numerous blogs just for fun. There was a time when creating your own blogskin trend, and little kids as we were, were into these kind of shit. Don't remind me when I wanted to delete them away, so many blogs to delete. 

I began blogging in 2007 whereby I posted a lot of nonsense, hahaha! 'Cause I was still in secondary school, I didn't really have much to share and most of the viewers were my secondary schoolmates and teachers. Yes, I knew teachers who read students' blogs just to get to know them better. Probably 'cause I wrote a lot of things related to my school and the people who goes to my school- it was kind of those gossip blogs. Like Gossip Girl, only with bad English. (I know, it was terrible) 

After graduating from secondary school, I realized that in order to get more readers, I should write something with content. And good English. At least better English. I'm pretty sure my English isn't that good, but still better than those XMM Singlish, right? (Umm, applause please?)

There are many kinds of bloggers. Food bloggers, fashion bloggers and many many more. I basically blog about everything. I share everything to my readers, food, places and whatsoever. I'm more like the everything also blog kind of blogger. Then I realized they are called 'lifestyle blogger'. Not that my life has a lot of style, but you get what I mean.


So why did I become a blogger? And why it's awesome being a blogger?

1. Internet Diary- SHARE SHARE SHARE!!

Initially I started writing blog because I feel like I should pour my thoughts and feelings to somewhere. Then sooner later it becomes like an Internet diary. Right now, I feel like it helps me to keep track of what is happening in my life. I documented my interesting stories down, and share with everyone else. Sometimes I do go back to read my archives and most of the time I feel embarrassed. I'll be like, 'omg I wrote that? What terrible edited photos, totally could edited it better, etc'. 

 2. Challenge accepted

I know a lot of my friends who started blogging. However, they gave up updating their blogs sooner later. It's really very hard to constantly update a blog. If you think it's very easy, you must be a professional with great determination, or you never own a blog before. 

To be able to write an entry with good content, or even get inspired- that's pretty hard. How do you even get all these ideas all the time? Do you have the time to edit all the photos? 

Take me for example, I find it hard to always sit down and write a good entry. Sometimes you could sit in front of your laptop for the entire day- but the page is empty. PLUS, there's something called YouTube- do you know how addictive it is? You watch a video after the next- then you realized it's time for bed. 

3. Learn new things, gain new experience

From going to events to meeting new friends or to some new skills you pick up- blog about it. Plus it really adds to the motivation factor to get you to do something. Like a book you always wanted to read- finish it and share it with your readers. Writing a review about the places you went- share the joy! 

 I guess these are the reasons I started blogging, and if you are up for something new- try blogging today. Who knows you might enjoy it! Ultimately if you enjoy free writing- why not pick up blogging? Hahaha.

This is why I love blogging! 


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See ya next entry! xoxo

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