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Hey, so it has been awhile since my last entry. I have been so caught up with many exams at the end of February and was only able to relax during March. Unfortunately I fall sick, very sick. Even until now. But I shall not bore you with my sick journals today, I have much more interesting things to share with you guys!

Finally made a trip down to J7 Image! My last trip was before New Year, which was like such a long time ago actually. If you have been reading my blog, you would have read about one of my trips down, if not click here!

So the last time I went J7, I've shared with you guys about the experience, the appearance of the physical store and their services. But today I am going to talk more about their services! A salon is a service shop, of course what's important is their service, am I not right? ;)

As I stepped into the store, I was greeted by the hair stylists there. They are all friendly people indeed. Even though they're super busy, but they never leave a customer unattended. I was quickly served with drinks and bites.

They really take into personalization from the very moment you step into the salon- not just doing your hair-, they ask if I would like warm tea or water. I'm the kind of person that really look at little efforts, and I say that if they can make little effort to suit your needs, my hair is safe with the right pairs of hands. Right?


So if you have previously read my entry about my scalp treatment, you'll know that they will take before and after close-up photos of your scalp for you to compare. It's great because you can get to see that your money didn't go to waste. You know some salons (idk maybe cheapass ones) that provide scalp treatment, but after it has been done- you honestly don't see much differences right away and you might feel like it's a waste of money. However you can just throw that insecurity away because J7 Image shows you the differences before and after the scalp treatment.

My excited face before the treatment! 

Surely your scalp be thankful, if you can go for a manicure for your fingernails, why not also go for a scalp treatment? #justsaying

And only at these kind of blog post you will see my fringeless face LOL


So this time round, not only I went to do scalp treatment, but I did hair treatment as well! I heard there may have some kind of hair + scalp treatment package which I feel it's quite worth it honestly. The package will never expire anyway, and you won't lose your hair within a year or two anyway. WHY NOT?! Your hair and scalp need some of your attention too, you know!

omg I look less like an egg here 'cause my fringe is back!

Tada! My hair is back to decent condition. Before the hair treatment I swear to god I was ranting to my hair stylist nonstop about how my hair falls out way TOO MUCH and how dry and tangled it could be. So after the treatment I can safely say my fingers can run through my hair normally without getting stuck or I have to take some of my hairs out just so my fingers can be separated from my hair. #seriously


I really have this thing for curly hair... maybe because I'm person with natural damn straight hair. #norebond #dontjealous But seriously, I'm quite envy of pretty curls, 'cause my hair just can never obtain that standard of beautiful. I really love pretty curls... Like Nina Dobrev's! 


Still remember the last time when my BFF tried to curl my hair for me. We left her place and after 20 minutes, my hair was back to straight normal hair. 


Maybe that explains why I have two hair stylists curling my hair for me. Oh anyways, side track- did you see the two hair products on the table? It's damn useful I swear.

Well, I've been using the Yogurt Hair Mask for awhile and I say it's great. Smell great too! 


So all you need to do is to apply it after you wash your hair and BAM you can head out. Simple as that!
Especially awesome for lazy people like yours truly here. 
Plus it contains natural ingredients as well. #fabulous #naturalplz
Well, if you're wondering what this can do... It's hair mask that moisturizes and nourishes your hair and I totally need that. Did I not tell you how much I complain about my stupid dry and tangled hair?

Mine is the For Her (ladies), there's one For Him for the guys too! (thank god I'm girl, 'cause its PINK!)

This is a beauty. Love how it has been designed. Looks like perfume isn't it? Smell great too!

So one of the day my mom saw me applying this on my scalp and her reaction was damn cute!
Mom: Ah girl- what are you doing? 
Me: Tonic for my poor scalp *shows mom*
Mom: *holds it up* WHY, IS THIS PERFUME?! Ah girl you spray perfume on your scalp ah?!
Me: *laughs* No la, but looks like hor! Look damn atas also please! Hahahaha!

But seriously though, atas looking much?

Well, basically this hair tonic helps one to lessen their hair loss. But you might be worry, thinking you might be applying chemicals to your scalp- no worries please. This hair tonic contains Chinese herbs as well. So goodbye itchy and unhealthy scalp.

Plus if you go out and you perspire like nuts, yes you can cover yourself with perfume, but your hair will stink and look like crap. Hahaha this serves me as bonus. Like bitch please, Singapore really has some terrible weather. 

Okay, back to me.
'Cause I'm that self absorb. HAHAHA *pui*

Okay la, I'm not that self absorb. Must also include my dearest hair stylists who did a great job on curling my hair okay!!


I say, "leave it to the professionals to curl my hair, leave it to James." I really have no skills in curling my own hair, like for real.
Maybe just leave it there a little while longer, curls please last longer~

*tears of joy*

Look at my wonderfully done curls! Such prefect much admired

Just a little adjustment~

Must make sure it's perfect!


How I feel when my hair was done:

Hahaha thanks for listening to my rants and complains about my hair throughout the entire session! HAHAHAHA 

Achievement unlocked: Equip awesome curls, increase much confidence

But first, lemme take a #selfie~ 


Hence, the great beauty of my hair comes from these men from J7 Image! Muahaha! 

Also, if you join as their member, DISCOUNTS everywhere~
Monday to Thursday 15% off for full hair service
Fri, Sat, Sun and PH 10% off for full hair service

Membership fee is only $27/year!


If you're looking at your frizzy hair now... don't. 

14 Scotts Road 
 #02-14 Far East Plaza (S)228213 

+65 67355195

p/s they're closed on the 7th of every month

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