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Hey guys! I've returned to share yet another awesome hangout place for you people! I visited this particular cafe last month and wanted to share with you guys about it.

So this cafe is called Breko Cafe and Sandwich Bar. The outlet I visited was located at Holland Village, which you can get there easily after alighting at Holland Village MRT. 

I was there for a short trip and wanted to get dinner, like around 9PM on a Friday night. (Yes, no party on a Friday night!) I was starving and I thought why not try this cafe? 

It is usually very crowded at such timing- people hanging out at bars and having dinners. I wanted for awhile before I could get a table in there. The staffs were all young people and they were quite polite to me. The food was quite affordable as well! 

I ordered pasta for dinner! Such typical of me.

Top view!

Front view!

It might seems like a small portion, but don't underestimate it. I got quite full, even when on empty stomach. Their bacon and mushroom pasta tasted great! The smell of bacon was awesome, like for real. Go try it yourself!

Strawberry Yogurt! 


Dessert time!!

Top view!


I would say the food is value for money, worth a try. However, maybe it was on a Friday night- the table next to us were a bunch of Singaporeans singing and talking very loudly. I think they were celebrating birthday, but it kinda got very overwhelming. The people seated around them got kinda pissed off, but I was alright with it. Maybe 'cause they have been making too much noise before I arrive. Lucky me. 

Services were alright too, but maybe I was starving- I find the delivery of food was quite slow. Don't go there when you're starving I guess! Hahahaha!

Breko Cafe & Sandwich Bar

38 Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277694
6468 4424

Till the next post,


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