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Hey guys! I'm here again! Seems like I'm blogging more regularly now, isn't this great? After a year of focusing and committing to a lot of stress, most of my commitment have already ended. So I guess 2014 should be a year where I focus on my blog, my life and myself. 

Anyways, ever since like February, I haven't ate my school's Lok Lok. I know it was just a few months, but that thing is seriously addictive as hell! So I went back last week, and god I wish it opens right outside my house! 

Top view as always!

Sorry but I ordered too much, and too much is never enough.

Oh back on track to the main point of this post. I'm sharing with you guys a pizza place that I went recently and love it! If you are so over Pizza Hut and the rest of the other pizza places, then try this. I'm sorry but they don't deliver- but I assure you the trip down is worth it!

Yes!! It's Skinny Pizza! Love it and so should you!

I went to the outlet in Plaza Sing and the place has great ambiance. 




Personally I find the place quite nice, but I got pissed off for a moment 'cause one of the customers was talking out loud and the entire resturant could hear her. But whatever~

They have good services too. Once I finished my pizza, one of their crew members came and asked how was the food. Getting feedback from customers really help in customer service as it seems like they really care about customers' opinions and want to improve on their quality. 

My wild mushroom! Such wild much mushy wow!

Top view!

The pizza was really nice. The smell was overwhelming and I have to put through that the entire time I was snapping photos for my blog entry before I could eat them! It was a torture, hahaha!



Anyway, they are having this Instagram contest!

1 - Search the #SkinnyMenu hashtag on Instagram to help you pick your food. 
2 - Post a picture of your meal with the #SkinnyMenu hashtag when it arrives. 
3 - Every month we'll select the best posts to win prizes!

I joined the contest already, go join now since there's no harm anyway~

68 Orchard Road
#03-79/83, Plaza Singapure
Singapore 238839

They have other outlets as well, check them out on their Facebook page!

Till then,


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