Worst April Fools' Day jokes ever?

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Hahaha! March had been awesome- I broke my iPhone screen, graduated and jobless, went out with BFFs and celebrated my birthday. Oh ya, and got very sick. It was both high and low times. But moving on- welcome April 2014, you come too fast! (that's what she said!)

So as we all know, 1st April has always been a day for pranks.

So how did you prank your friends? And how did you get prank?

Today I'm sharing with you guys what I feel are the lamest and worst April Fools' Day jokes. Ever.

1. O-M-G I'm pregnant!

It's damn ridiculous that every girls in your social platforms are tweeting or updating their Facebook statuses about being pregnant at the same fucking time! C'mon man, this isn't cool at all. Everyone else know you're faking it, who are you trying to fool? It's called April Fools' Day, not I-am-seeking-attention Day. Nice try there girls.

There are some girls who went to the extreme by uploading baby bump pics onto their Instagram. Please, if you're really pregnant, you sure you wanna tell the entire world you're gonna be a mom on April Fool's? If you're really gonna be a mom, then please be mature or no one will take things seriously from you. And fool no one that discovered you were pregnant on April Fools with baby bump. So on March 31st you thought you were just fat?

2. Sup bruh, I'm gonna be a father soon...

Congrats, no one gonna give a fuck. If you're 15 and posting this on your social platform, be sure if those gullible ones believed in you... but they're not gonna say any nice things to you. They will just silently judge you behind their computer. #BURN

You know it's true.

3. I am married!

You want your marriage certificate to look like a joke, do you? I know there are birthdays that fall on the 1st April, not that everyone likes it, but sometimes things happen. The baby just wants to get out of the mother's womb on that day. Be proud of their birthday. But if it's something you can pick- why pick on April Fools'?

These three pranks are the most overrated and stupidest jokes ever. Do you agree with me? Or do you have other worse jokes to share? Hit the comment sections and I shall read them all!

See you next post! xoxo

(Credits all pics and gifs from google and tumblr!)

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