A trip down to Paradise

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Hey guys! Today I'm gonna share with you guys a hangout place with awesome food.... CHOCOLATE!!! Chocolates, they are everywhere here!

So I'm grateful that Chocz Pte Ltd invited me over for bloggers session with other bloggers. Their chocolate cake, drinks and fondue are awesome.

Spoken with the director of Chocz, I realized one thing he said that was super true. Everyone knows how to eat chocolates, but not everyone know how to critique how good a chocolate taste.

Hence, I was told that Chocz has different kind of workshop, from chocolate appreciation to chocolate making.

To gain insights of how to better appreciate chocolate, they have an 1 hour and 30 mins workshop that consists of teaching you how to differentiate quality chocolates, art of tasting chocolates, knowing varieties of chocolates, and chocolate shelf life.

To learn how to make good quality chocolates, the workshop will also have hands-on truffles en-robing - how to decorate the chocolate truffles, making chocolate figuring using chocolate mold, and participants can take home their self-made chocolates!


I was greeted with a warm cup of Chocopuccino (S$6.50). When I drank it, it overwhelmed me. The drink was very smooth and easy to drink. It wasn't bitter, and it wasn't too sweet.


From the small session, I learned that the percentage (%) of cocoa used in a chocolate doesn't define how good is the quality of the chocolate. It doesn't mean that when you purchase a chocolate bar that contains high % of cocoa, that it would taste great. Everyone has their own preferences. We Asians actually prefer chocolates that have a stronger taste compared to the Americans. We gotta find out what percentage is suitable for us.


Apart from the drink, we were served with chocolate fondue. There were two different types of chocolate fondue, Bourbon and Madagascar.

Bourbon (S$27.90) has a sweeter taste and intense flavor, while Madagascar(S$30) is less sweet, but equally delicious.

In fact, I actually like Bourbon as I feel it's more cater for Asian as the intense flavor was overwhelming.

A top view of the chocolate fondue!


Everyone else began to eat!


It tastes great with banana too!


Yummy marshmallow is yummy!


Besides just enjoying the food, I gained knowledge on chocolates and the cocoa beans as well!


And this was their Mother's Day cake, with a beautiful heart shape. Very pretty!


Chocz provides different kind of chocolate cakes, and they are all very rich in chocolate. Not just only for Mother's Day, Chocz produces cakes for different occasions as well, like for birthday celebrations. You can customize your cake as well! It takes 5 days to 2 weeks to order depending on the seasons.

Did you know that cakes are best eaten fresh and if you cannot finish it within the day itself, the most you can keep is only 3 DAYS. Bet you don't know.

It was funny because we were guessing and there was someone who guessed 2 weeks! Oh no, you guys better not keep your cakes for two weeks!

Look at the variety of chocolates!




You can buy for your loved ones too!

Chocz is not just a normal chocolate cafe, but it has a value to spread the knowledge of chocolates so that everyone can learn how to truly appreciate good quality chocolates. Before opening up their cafe, Chocz was mainly involved in distributing and manufacturing of chocolates. They distribute to many high end hotels as well. However, they decided to be more customer orientated, and so they reach out to the public with their cafe and workshops. 

From the photos, you can feel that it's super atas, but the price range is actually not very expensive. The chocolates cost around the same range as other normal cafes. Why is that so? That's because their business use a low cost production, with high quality concept. As they are manufacturers themselves, they are able to provide us at a lower price range, and we can still get high quality food. 


Next is their chocolate truffle cake! By the looks of it, you might think it costs around S$10 per slice. But you're wrong! It's only S$6.50, and trust me- one slice of cake and you can taste the richness within while it melts down within you.



The place has lovely ambiance as well. The mall itself is very peaceful, and the store is quiet and cozy. It's a good place to catch up with friends. And since it's located near CBD area, any working adults can hold their meetings there.

They have a store in Kallang Leisure Park as well, but that is mainly for takeaways only.

And now that you've read about it- do remember that not all bitter chocolates or high % in cocoa means that it's a good quality chocolate.

Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Avenue
11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Telephone / Fax : (65) 6238-0803

For more info on their Chocolate Appreciation Workshop,
and Chocolate Making Workshop, click on them!


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