Graduation Day!

by - 2:37 AM

3 years have gone so fast and this marks the end of my polytechnic life! I've ups and downs in my poly life and it's very literal... my GPA went up and down nonstop.

Still remember the days in Year 1, super good girl- managed to get GPA of 3.32. Can I just gradate in year 1? Year 2 GPA dropped like mad. That was the year I went through terrible breakups and shit and went all out partying and crazy drinking. WTF. Year 3 was the year I picked myself back up and managed to pull my GPA back to digit 3. 

Oh yeah, speaking of that- last year December, my family and I went to have a mini photo shoot as my sister graduated from her masters degree. Genius. 

Selfie in car before heading for the shoot!

Selfie in my sister's house before heading to shoot!

So back to the main topic...


I'm so super excited! See you there alright?! I'm be in school around 3+ so do come and support me and take photos with me! My actual ceremony is 5pm and I only have 2 tickets for my family but you all can come and take photos with me. ;) 

IMG_9832 - Copy - Copy

If you're my friends and have my contact number- do apps me! And if not, you can always email me @ or FB message me! See you there!

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