Movie: Pretty Woman

by - 12:45 AM

So I've just finished watching 'Pretty Woman' on my laptop. I've always wanted to watch the entire movie, however I always couldn't find it anywhere.

I know the movie is very old. Pretty Woman was film even before I was born, but somehow I love the movie a lot! Julie Roberts was so pretty, still pretty now, but she was damn pretty in that movie.

I googled Richard Gere and realized he was in his 40s when he acted in that movie. What the fuck man! He was so charming back then. And now he's so old... Why am I not born earlier?! HAHAHAHA!!

Still love the scene when Vivian walked down the streets along side with Edward, and the song Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison started to play. Classic. Then all the shop assistants and manager served them like royalty. Damn, makes me so envy. One can only dream... It's no wonder everyone loves Hollywood.

Love the scene where Edward punched Philip just to protect Vivian. So manly! Ahhhh!!! A;ready like him when he didn't really treat her as a hooker.

Tell me who hasn't seen this movie or at least heard of it? I wanted to watch this since forever and I always only managed to watch part by part in YouTube.

Recently been wanting to watch all the classic movies. But I'm always not sure where to find them. Anyone has any idea or introduce me some classic movies to watch? Hehe.

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