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Disclaimer: This post is dedicated to my readers, friends and family- to update them with the reason why I took down my previous posts. No dissing, defaming or targeting of any person/animals/companies intended. Shall you find this blog post offensive, please leave my blog. Thank you.

Hi guys. This post is to give you guys, my readers, some updates. Well, you may have noticed that I've taken down my recent two blog posts on '9 types of messed up customers you might face if you ever work in a customer service position'.


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Well, I would like to share with you the reasons for removing the posts as I see no harm in letting my readers know what happened. & I don't see why I should leave my readers hanging like this. 

Despite explaining my blog posts intention before the main topic, there are still people who are unable to take it with a pinch of salt. My posts were to share with you the hard times I faced as a customer service personnel. Besides sharing my real experiences, I added humors into it to show you that being a customer service personnel can really be a fun job.

I love my job and I enjoy talking to customers. Like any other jobs, there are great moments and there are terrible ones. I'm just sharing with my readers the rotten part of the apple, so to brace themselves if they ever want to take up this challenging position. 

However, I do realized that some people are way too insanely serious and unable to take my blog posts in a lighthearted way. And I supposed although I mentioned that my work experiences came from all kinds of industries, people thought that I was only referring to the company I was working for. 

I've been working since the age of 14, and I can proudly say I've worked in fast food restaurant, jewelry retail store, conventions and many more. I'm not saying that I've a lot of people skills, and I'm surely not saying that I've seen the world- but I do know I gained working experiences. There are people around us who have never take up a job before until, perhaps, a degree. 

Therefore my pure intention was to share with you my working experiences and these experiences are real as fuck and I do not lie about all the kinds of people I faced. 

Of course I've met awesome customers who I gave my number to, because they were so sweet so I left them my number if they ever need to contact me to ask for new products information or if they have trouble with their devices. I've seen customers who took my number and called me up a week or two later to buy from me. PLUS, I was working island wide, and the customer knew I would earn commission, thus he traveled all the way to another outlet I was assigned to, just to purchase from me. Those were the good side of apple I intend to share with my readers on the upcoming post. However, I sensed that not many people are able to be open minded to my opinions, so I decided not to create any controversial issues. (You're fucking welcome!)

So basically one of the companies I worked for felt that my blog post would impact on their image, hence they politely requested me to take it down. Since my intention was never to hurt any person, companies, or customers in particular, so I don't see why there was a problem. However, I'm a peacemaker and in order to protect the company's image, I gracefully agreed to take it down. & I've also removed my work details in my Facebook page in order for haters to leave these companies alone. 

I never knew my blog has such influence that would impact people's mindset and choices- so it was amazing that the particular company did contacted me. Obviously no one wants to stir any problem, not me, not any companies, however haters be hating- and there shall only be peace when my post is removed. 

To sum it up, I appreciate those who read my blog, enjoy my little humor here and there, and to those who think my blog has potential to influence the public, and to people who tried to bring me down, for now I'm stronger than before and has better skills at handling situations. 

If by any chances, you missed out those two of my blog posts- I'm sorry you missed that out and I hope this post allow you to know the post entry saga. 

"Social media is a powerful tool," my boss said to me in the morning. I couldn't help but agree. 

Till the next post, stay awesome stay anticipated. 


P/P/S If you missed out what happened and wished to know, do contact me at my email. 

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