Reasons why we LOVE Damon Salvatore

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Yes, welcome to my crazy world of obsessing over the Vampire Diaries. (Just so you know, I'm a Delena shipper, so don't get so worked up if I mention about my shipping. HAHAHA)

Okay, I'm sure many of you have already finished the latest season finale of TVD. Let's face it- we are still not yet ready to say goodbye to Damon Salvatore (which is obviously the hotter brother) and mourn his death. Seasons 5 finale was indeed heartbreaking. And that was just an understatement.

I'm sure many of us were wondering if that was it, was it the end of Damon? Obviously not!

Let us recap how Ian Somerhalder brought this character to live and made us all fall in love with Damon.

#1 His 'Damon' Jokes

By far the most funny vampire you ever seen in any TV shows. Throw aside boring Edward Cullen who stares at the girl he fancies while she sleeps, and embrace Damon Salvatore.

So far the only vampire that could able to match up with his standard of humor is his BFF, Eznzo.

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#2 His Expression

Especially the eyebrow flirty move he did, got Elena commenting on it too during Season 1.

He is not afraid to express, not just his opinions, but with his facial expression. Hahaha! 

His smirk is a lady killer indeed. That's definitely a crime he should be arrested for. HAHAHA! 

#3 His ABS

Ladies, you know it's true. What more can I say?

#4 Good evil vampire

Everyone loves a good villain. Isn't it why there are so many Tom Hiddleston fangirls out there? Tell me I'm not the only one. But what we love about Damon is how he always seems to be doing the bad things, but no one ever get upset with him for long. 

Love how when two bad guys meet and have a chat. That episode when Damon told Klaus he was bad for a purpose. A bad guy has to make decisions that people will hate, unable to accept or/and kill a few people in town to achieve it. Bad guys with no purpose are just dicks. (But face it, I actually love Klaus too)

It's like we know Damon did terrible things, but we can forgive him as we know why he did that for. 
Damon: I don’t mind being the bad guy because someone has to fulfill that role and get things done. You do bad things for no reason. You do them to be a dick! If you going to be bad, be bad with purpose. Otherwise you’re not worth forgiving.

 #5 He can be good too

Bad guys have many different categories, and it seems like his character has developed a lot since season 1. Damon in season 1 was a total dick who just want Katherine out from the tomb and he did everything just to ruin Stefan and Elena's lives. However, we can begin to see changes, especially in season 4 when Damon shows a side of him that is very human. 

His love for Elena has always sets him thinking and controlling his urge to kill anyone who pissed him off. But obviously we love Damon for his expressive behaviors too, but it's nice to see how he has changed and could also be 'good guy' at times. Like how he decided to sacrifice himself to blow up the town, thus getting himself killed. #seriouslyDamon?

#6 Damon's love

As mentioned in #5, we talked about how far he went to be good and the extend he will go to save Elena again and again.

Not just Elena. I mean who else can love Katherine for 150 years and haven't move on. It makes us fans died a little inside. We do want Damon Salvatore kind of love as well! 

#7 Impulsive Character

It can be annoying at times, especially when/if Damon ended screwing things up. But it is always fascinating to watch, or be with, a guy who is impulsive at times. Why? Because he is fun and adventurous! Isn't it why all girls love Damon? 'Cause no one likes a super calm and boring TV drama anyway. (Sorry Stefan, but yay Ripper Stefan!)

#8 Dance Moves

Season 1- where Damon danced with Vicky, even Ian said he enjoyed filming that scene!

#9 His other shipping



Well, back to reality. Damon has died but I don't think TVD would kill off the character for good. Especially TVD writers would know that hardcore fans are gonna get very angry about it. 

From my analysis, I've got his feeling that both Bonnie and Damon will be back in the next season. I'm very sorry for Bonnie, for everyone is too busy feeling sad for Damon. She died twice guys!

Okay, so I'm guessing that since grams refused to walk through Bonnie as it would kill her, I feel that she has a way to bring Bonnie back. Plus Damon was holding Bonnie's hand, so I supposed they will bring him back too!

Lexi, on another hand, never intended to come back alive. That's why the writers just killed her off, for good. I'm still wondering if they killed off the Originals dead brothers... so they won't be in TO?

So now that Alaric and Enzo are back, will the 2 best buddies tag team to find Damon back, or will they fight against each other I'm so dying to find that out!

From the source, it says that Ian Somerhalder has a two years contract with TVD till season 6. So guys, no worries- Damon will be back!

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(all photos/gifs are taken from Tumblr! Thanks all gifs makers~)

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